Green walls

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GSky® Versa Wall™

The VersaWall is a solution that’s perfect for indoor environments such as building lobbies, reception areas, and high traffic locations. Its versatility makes it ideal to meet the needs of many different living wall applications. The system can cover an entire wall surface or become a beautiful framed piece of living green art.

There are 5 components to the GSky® Versa Wall™ System:

  1. Trays: Recycled polypropylene trays in 8 pot or 3 pot configurations
  2. Backing Board: Water resistant board onto which the trays are stacked
  3. Irrigation System: Vertical ebb n’ flow irrigation system can be direct plumbed and drained via sanitary line or recirculated by holding tanks
  4. Water Reservoir Tanks: Stored within the base of the wall, these tanks can be auto filled from a building water supply line, or manually filled by the service technician.
  5. Plants: Industry standard 4” pots, plants are not removed from their pots, they are placed into each tray within the provided indentations