Holiday Decor

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Christmas tree rentals

If you run a retail business, the last thing you want to worry about during the busy holiday months is putting up your tree and other holiday decorations. That's why, for decades, businesses have turned to the Christmas tree rental experts at Ambius.

Having the right display is important, because the right display can make customers feel warm, happy and more willing to stick around and shop. Even employees will feel better when their company takes the time to set up a tree, holiday display and lights.

We work with you and within your budget to create just the right display to match your space. Plus, you don't have to buy the tree we provide, you can rent it. We'll take care of setting it up, making sure it's in the right place and has the right decorations and lights, and then take it down and store it for the year.

Why you should rent your christmas tree

  • No need to store your tree during non-holiday months 
  • Installation by trained professionals 
  • Fully decorated by Ambius 
  • Trees will be stored safely by Ambius so they do not deteriorate 
  • Scheduled tree removal at end of holiday season

Christmas tree storage services


You don't want to take up space in your retail store or within your business storing your Christmas tree and decorations. Let us take care of that with our commercial Christmas Tree Storage service. 

Ambius has offices throughout North America where they can store full holiday displays safely so they do not get damaged. 

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