Holiday Décor

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Poinsettias for holiday displays

Every year you see beautiful holiday displays made with bright red, yellow and white poinsettia plants. Poinsettias have been a staple of holiday decorations for businesses and homes alike for a very long time. 

The association of poinsettias with Christmas and the holidays goes all the way back to the 17th century. Poinsettias originated in Mexico when monks began using them in their holiday displays because the shape of the leaves was said to form a star pattern reminiscent of the Star of Bethlehem. 

Ambius design experts often use poinsettias for the holiday displays we create for businesses. Their bright colors not only add variation to an otherwise dull workspace but enlivens the space with holiday spirit. We can provide poinsettias for your lobby, receptionist desk, window sills and any other locations you wish to brighten up. We can also create poinsettia Christmas trees constructed of dozens of potted poinsettias that make a memorable impression on customers and clients.

Christmas flowers and displays

Our expert holiday decor designers work directly with our customers to create customized holiday displays. We make sure that our decorations create that "wow" factor during the holiday season that makes customers, clients and even employees feel cheerful during that busy time of year.

Poinsettias are beloved for their bright variety of colors and for the way they remind all who pass by that it is the holiday season. They can be used within displays to add that splash of color, or as the foundation of an entire poinsettia-related design concept.

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Alternative poinsettia displays: the Poinsettia wreath and poinsettia Christmas tree

The poinsettia Christmas tree is a innovative take on the traditional Christmas tree. Constructed from the classic holiday plant, the poinsettia Christmas tree adds color and spirit to its environment. These trees are the perfect addition to office lobbies, hospitals, and hotels alike, drawing the eyes of all passersby. Contact your local Ambius team to arrange a poinsettia Christmas tree to be installed in your space this holiday season.

At Ambius, we strive to create holiday displays that delight, and inspire. You want holiday decor that stands out from the rest. Ambius can create that for your space. We push the boundaries of classic holiday design by creating awe-inspiring pieces like the poinsettia wreath. Poinsettias add a pop of color to the classic holiday wreath.

Artificial poinsettias

Live plants aren’t right for every environment. For spaces with conditions that do not allow for live plants, Ambius has replica options to ensure that nature is still represented. Artificial poinsettias give the illusion of live plant displays without the need for maintenance during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Ambius artificial poinsettia displays are the ideal solution for spaces in need of holiday decor, but without the resources to accomodate live poinsettias.

Ambius poinsettia experts

If you are looking to add poinsettias to your next holiday display, call the expert designers at Ambius. Our consultants will analyze your space and discuss your Christmas display needs. We'll also determine the right places to put your poinsettias and help take care of them. We offer hassle-free installation and take down of our holiday displays, too. 

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