Indoor plants

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At the cutting edge of green design, biOrb merges nature and technology. A stunning statement piece, it creates a striking focal point in any space. This state-of-the-art system allows you to grow a versatile array of plants that will thrive in any light condition including low-light and no-light areas.

The terrarium re-designed

With an impressive and conceptual design, biOrb is the terrarium reimagined. BiOrb is an autonomous micro-habitat that is completely climate controlled and self-regulated with automatic day and night life cycles.

biOrb comes with features such as:

  • Advanced air circulation system 
  • Carbon filtration 
  • Automatic misting 
  • Capillary matting 
  • Artfully designed ornamental pieces


The benefits of nature in a small space

  • Enhance your image – With a visually stunning focal point. 
  • Improve well-being – Create an inspired atmosphere with vibrant tropical plantscapes. 
  • Innovative – Modern design brings an innovative approach to the terrarium. 
  • Self-contained, easy care – Versatile array of plants thrive in any light condition with this state-of-the-art system.

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