Indoor plants

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Blooming plant rentals

Whether you were outdoors or outdoors,can you remember a time when you saw a blooming flower and just felt better? You may have noticed how beautiful the flower was, or how it brightened the space even if it was tucked away in a corner away from an atrium or skylight. That's the benefit of blooming plants.

Ambius is the expert in interior landscaping. We know how to install blooming plants around the office or interior space of your property so that it  adds color and makes the interior less gloomy.Brightening the office with fresh floral can increase the productivity of employees, lift the mood of clients and customers among other benefits.

If cost and maintenance is a problem then discuss our blooming plant rental services. With our blooming plant rental options we provide the plants and maintain, water and replace them.We also offer a  quarterly color rotation service keeps bright, colorful plants around your space all year long.

Contact your local Ambius office and find out what our  experts can do for your space with blooming plants.

Benefits of indoor flowers

Flowers have an instinctual effect on people. This connection with nature and a desire to see color and living forms of nature is innate within humans. Employees with easy access to outdoor views, living flowers and plants, have shown to increase creativity and productivity because overall mental health is stimulated by regular viewing of living plants and flowers.

Flowers look great, too, and a living flower display in lobbies, around reception areas, elevators, meeting rooms and throughout an office breaks up the beige and dullness. This can make your office stand out for clients as well as employees.If you have a retail space, the benefits of blooming flowers stimulates customers to stick around longer and perhaps purchase more.

Succulent plant and color rotations

Succulents are very sturdy plants. They offer a touch of green that many interior spaces are missing. There are blooming flowers that are also succulents. Succulents are almost certainly made for interior landscaping purposes because, in the wild, they thrive at the bottom of the forest where light and water is scarce.

Our indoor blooming plant rentals include succulent rotations. We can keep succulents alive and well inside your office and rotate them out to keep the color changing and thriving. Succulents have wide, thick leaves that help absorb and contain water and need limited light, so they are perfect for your office.

Our succulent rotation is also part of our color rotation services. What this means is that the colors of the plants around your office will change as the season does. There are certain colors associated with certain seasons and as the seasons and year changes, the colors around your office will change. Our blooming plant experts will make these changes as part of their maintenance, which comes with our rental service.

Let Ambius do your color rotations and living floral

If you want the benefits of indoor flowering plants, but don't want to have to worry about watering and maintenance, contact your local Ambius office. Our interior landscaping professionals will discuss your needs for your space and where you need the blooming floral plants to have the desired effect.

Discuss our blooming plant rental services and discuss what our color rotation and succulent rotation services will do for you and how it works. Contact us today and we'll get the ball rolling.