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Desk plants for offices

From the beginning of time, humans have always been drawn to nature. Plant life brings a calm feeling into any interior home or property. The benefits of greenery in the office have been well documented. The addition of desk plants is simple yet highly impactful way too add life to an office environment.

Different types of desk plants

The good news is that most desk plants can come in small sizes and they are very low maintenance. Depending on the size of the desk or cubicle, you will want to choose the plant that is the right fit for your office.

  • Ferns - probably the most well known office plant. They do well indoors and under low lights, however consistent maintenance is required for the plant to stay alive.

  • Sansevieria - this African native plant is known for their tall leaves. A small version of this plant can come in a variety of colors, from green to red. This plant can thrive under the dimmest of lights.

  • Anthuriums - This desk plant is popular because of the beautiful flowers it blooms.

  • Succulents - This plant comes in many different colors and overall looks very sleek. Unlike the plants above, succulents DO need a lot of light. These plants can go for days without water, so try not to overwater them.

  • ZZ Plants - Another plant that is native to Africa, the Zamioculcas zamiifolia or ZZ plant is good for cubicles, but will require some regular pruning, as they can tend to get big.

Caring for desk plants

Most of the plants listed above do not need a lot of light; however they do need regular maintenance. Watering plants (even plants that are low maintenance, like air and ZZ plants) is very important for its survival. For desk plants in particular, trimming and grooming leaves will be crucial as plants should not get past a certain size. When plants grow too big they can disturb other cubicles and even other plants in the vicinity.

Plants like air plants require a little bit more care as a low maintenance plant, some sunlight and water is required. A plant like this must be kept warm and placed in water every two weeks for premium growth and health. Whatever plant you decide to choose for your office desks, you will need to make sure that the containers they are placed in has proper drainage holes at the bottom. The most common reason indoor plants die is because of over or under watering. The survival rate for most desk plants is about 2-5 years, after that it is recommended that you invest in another plant. 

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Small desk plants in low light

Philodendron and Peace lilies are great examples of smaller desk plants that thrive under low light. These plants are perfect for desks that are placed far away from natural sunlight. Peace lilies in particular will bloom flowers if kept in a dimly lit room. Make sure to water regularly to see results. 

Low light plants tend to be very slow growing. This is because the plants will use all the energy they have on sunlight to grow. These plants store their energy and will use it whenever they get a small bit of sunshine. Because of this, most plants in low light will grow large and very dark leaves.

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Desk plants are great for the office, can improve productivity and boost moods. The best part is that most types of desk plants do not require much water or sunlight. If you are interested in getting desk plants for your office, please contact Ambius to discuss your options today!