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Janice Nath - biography

Ambiance Expert, San Diego, CA

Enter the world of Janice Nath and be enveloped by all things beautiful. “My passion is creating interior spaces that enhance the workplace and inspire the imagination while meeting my clients’ unique vision and distinctive personality,” says San Diego-based Janice Nath. Born in the gorgeous Fiji Islands and raised in fast paced Los Angeles, Janice’s high energy and quest for the best is contagious and drives her dedicated team to maintain a “can do” attitude and never walk away from a challenge.

“In addition to creating plantscaping initiatives for my clients, I believe in branding through scent and holiday scenting,” adds Janice. “Sensory branding stimulates a consumers’ relationship with a brand and cultivates an emotional connection that optimizes brand loyalty.”

As a creative and committed designer, Janice loves creating ambiences for businesses which touch the five senses and empower everyone to thrive. Whether it is solving odor remediation issues at a casino, enhancing the scent branding experience at a major retailer or creating brand-standing plantscaping displays for major hotels, Janice brings an eye for detail, passion and creativity to every assignment.

With a degree in Interior Architecture, Design and Business Administration from California State University in Northridge, Janice begin her career at Ambius as a Design Assistant and has won multiple industry and company awards over the past 12 years including the Plant Industry Alliance (PIA) Award of Excellence from commercial holiday décor at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina.

Prior to joining Ambius in 1998, Janice was a Designer for Sam Designs, in Santa Monica, CA. Some of her projects at Sam Designs included renovations and redevelopment after the 1994 Northridge Earthquake to resurrect damaged properties.

The Fijian culture is based on family, friends and food making it a revolving door at the Nath home. Besides her husband and children, Janice has a large extended family and her world revolves around them. When Janice is not working, she loves spending time with her family. With a passion for people - be it her family or her clients - she always gives 100% of herself.