Laura Burns Lambert

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Laura Burns-Lambert - biography

Sensory designer, San Francisco, CA

Laura Burns-Lambert considers the entire world her canvas. “I am attracted to any form of physical media I can use to get my point across visually including painting, woodwork, metalwork and sculpting,” says Laura who finds our environment, whether it is indoors or outside, to be an excellent medium for art. “The structures and colors that are created naturally in the forest and countryside inspire me,” says Laura who received a landscape contractor’s license after graduating college. 

“When attending college, I found I was interested in studying both Horticulture and Art as they both played a large part in my life and my mindset,” says Laura. As a single parent, Laura opted to pursue Horticulture as it presented a steadier livelihood. Laura started her own landscaping company that she ran for several years, prior to selling the business to her brother.

Laura’s horticultural, artistic and entrepreneurial talents were well served when she joined the Plant Design team at Ambius in 1996. During Laura’s tenure at Ambius, her work has garnered many industry awards including four Plantscape Industry Alliance awards for outstanding retail and mall design work. Laura has also been recognized by her peers securing recognition for outstanding performance and leadership.

Clients are drawn to Laura’s inventive, open-minded approach in developing innovative workplace designs. “I find great joy in the creative process, problem solving and in delivering the end-result,” says Laura. “It is a great reward to stand back and admire the work that you and your team have done, and to see that you’ve made a real difference.” 

Whether Laura is finding new ways to stage plant material with interesting top-dressing and decorative accents, building terrariums or getting festive with Holiday décor, her innovative, modern, inspired one-of-a-kind designs can’t fail to impress.

During her off hours, Laura focuses on working with precious metals to create interesting sculptural pieces which have been displayed and sold at art shows in the Bay area. This metal artistry has come in handy at Ambius as Laura has created custom chandeliers from copper for custom holiday installations.