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Soil media

For soil needs small and large, there’s no substitute for our soil media. Unlike soils made from peat and bark, our soil media's dimensional stability remains intact due to its natural resistance to structural breakdown. This means the soil you install won’t deteriorate and shrink like the others. Factor in its impressive ability to retain moisture, and you’ve got a soil that SAVES YOU MONEY. 

And speaking of green, most of our soil’s components are by-products of other refining processes. Unlike peat, our mix neither adds to nor takes away from the environment it is helping to create. In short, there is no greener organic soil on the market today.

Coconut coir

  • Wets more thoroughly than peat 
  • Reduces watering needs, labor costs 
  • Less favorable to fungus gnats

Rice hulls

  • High in natural silicon
  • Provides optimal structure
  • Resists decomposition


  • Provides better aeration
  • Promotes root growth
  • Retains nutrients longer

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