Ambius brings the outdoors in at the Vancouver international airport

Reading, PA, March 2, 2015 — Ambius, the global interior landscaping leader and part of the Rentokil Initial family of companies, has installed vegetation that celebrates the British Columbia Interior in the award-winning Vancouver International Airport (YVR) in Richmond, British Columbia. The project was part of the renovation of the domestic terminal and its A-B Connector.

The airport asked Ambius to create a design that not only beautifies North America’s highest ranked airport, but also improves air quality and provides a calm and welcoming ambiance in an otherwise fast-paced environment. Ambius has enjoyed a long-term relationship with YVR, this being the latest of many projects.

“All of the architecture at YVR looks to celebrate the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of British Columbia, with each area of the airport reflecting a specific geographic region,” said Nancy Stern, in-house architect, Vancouver Airport Authority. “The theme in the A-B Connector is the Interior of B.C., the Okanagan and the Fraser River Canyon.”

“Ambius installed all of the vegetation in this area, which is representative of the indigenous plants found along the Fraser River,” Stern added. “Ambius was truly gifted and amazing to work with. As a company, Ambius goes above and beyond general expectations to ensure they provide their clients with the highest quality material and the top people to produce incredible spaces, which is why we have been working with them for 18 years.”

The A-B Connector’s design includes architectural features that evoke imagery from B.C.’s vineyards and orchards, fishing lodges, and the Fraser River, with its rocky mountain sides, waterfalls, streams, and vegetation outcroppings. Thanks to the A-B Connector’s high ceiling, Ambius installed ficus microcarpa nitida trees, along with smaller plants, to create the effect of a canopy of foliage in the new foyer. Ambius also installed a living green wall as part of the project.

“We are honored to share a trusting partnership with YVR, not only for this incredible project but for the many projects we’ve worked on together with the airport for so many years,” said Joanne Craft, ambient designer, Ambius. “Whether you’ve just landed after traveling many hours or arrived and awaiting your flight, plants can help you feel calm and provide a sense of well-being.”

About Ambius
Ambius is the world’s largest provider of plants, holiday décor, replica foliage and flowers for commercial environments. Ambius also offers a broad range of products and services including ambient scenting which can help improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost well-being in the workplace. Founded in 1963, Ambius is a division of Rentokil-Initial, plc. For more information, visit and follow Ambius on Facebook and Twitter.