Soft surroundings partners with Premium Scenting from Ambius

Reading, PA, March 26, 2015Soft Surroundings, a leading multi-channel retailer committed to providing stylish, casual clothing with a comfort fit, the latest in beauty and skincare, jewelry and accessories, and home furnishings to women of all ages has chosen Ambius Premium Scenting to enhance the shopping experience for Soft Surroundings customers at all 18 of its retail locations. Premium Scenting is one of the latest innovations from Ambius and is designed to create greater customer dwell time and increase purchasing intent for this innovative retailer.

Scent branding is becoming more important as retailers and others look for innovative ways to keep consumers connected to their brand and their products. Ambius has been providing ambient scenting to customers for ten years.

Ambient scenting is the distribution of a scent throughout a space. Commercial applications can include selling a scented product; associating a scent with a brand, experience, product or service, and; remediating an odor. According to a study by the Scent Marketing Institute, scent can increase positive product ratings by 25 percent and Nike® found that the addition of scents in stores increased intent to purchase by 80 percent.

“As we continue to expand with retail stores across the country, we want to create a memorable and lasting experience for our in-store customers,” said Rachelle Joslin, Operations Coordinator for Facilities, Soft Surroundings. “Smell is the most powerful of the five senses and we have worked with Ambius to find the right scent and delivery option to enhance that experience.”

“Retail customers are responding positively to the ‘experience’ of shopping in a store that includes scent branding,” said Cathy Hoffman, Marketing Manager, Ambius. “We believe, and research is clearly demonstrating, that the addition of pleasant scents has a bottom line impact on sales and customer loyalty and we’re very pleased to work with Soft Surroundings on enhancing their brand.”

About Ambius
Ambius is the world’s largest provider of plants, holiday décor, replica foliage and flowers for commercial environments. Ambius also offers a broad range of products and services including ambient scenting which can help improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost well-being in the workplace. Founded in 1963, Ambius is a division of Rentokil-Initial, plc. For more information, visit and follow Ambius on Facebook and Twitter.