Ambius receives 17 awards at international plantscape awards

Ambius, the global leader in interior landscaping, was honored with an unprecedented 17 awards at the 2016 International Plantscape Awards Celebration at Cultivate ’16 held on Sunday, July 10th at the Hilton Downtown Columbus Hotel in Columbus, Ohio. The awards received by Ambius symbolize the company’s commitment to customer excellence, innovation and professionalism in the interior plantscaping industry. Likewise, it is a testament to the individual excellence of the brand’s designers as they earned 30 percent of the entire ceremony’s awards. 

The selection committee recognized the Ambius designers for a number of their unique designs and projects, including a variety of retail, hospitality and commercial real estate clients. Their projects ranged from living walls, to major renovations, holiday installations and more. Overall, Ambius took home nine platinum and eight gold awards, including the coveted Technician of the Year award and setting the record for the most awards given to a company in a single year. 

“Every year that we come to the International Plantscape Awards we’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized for our work by our industry peers,” said John Myers, president and CEO of Rentokil North America. “These awards acknowledge not only the hard work and dedication of our designers, but their vision and creativity and their ability to transform their customers’ interior ambience through outstanding horticultural work.” 

Of the 52 awards given by independent judges, the below Ambius designers / technician won in the following categories:


Design Category 

  • Joanne Craft, CBRE Vancouver Tree Mounds 

Exterior Major Renovation Category 

  • Jon LaDow, Metrovation 3rd St 

Holiday Design Category 

  • Laura Burns-Lambert, Cushman & Wakefield 456 Market St 
  • Charlee Storner, RGA Reinsurance Headquarters 

Major Renovation Category 

  • Jon LaDow, Palace Hotel 
  • Janice Nath, La Jolla Village Square 

Living Wall Category 

  • Matt Hills, Lincoln Road 
  • Tyler Stellwag, AAR 

Technician of the Year 

  • Florence Anaya, Palace Hotel 


Holiday Installation Category 

  • Janice Nath, Arizona Biltmore Hotel 
  • Janice Nath, Phoenician Resort 
  • Peggy Suermann, Thunder Valley Casino 

Holiday Design Category 

  • Laura Burns-Lambert, Flynn Properties 
  • Lisa Weller, Rosewood Cordevalle 

Plant Design Category 

  • Laura Burns-Lambert, Pinterest 

Major Renovation Category 

  • Charlee Storner, Marriott Grand Hotel 

Silk, Replica, Preserved Category 

  • Yuko Frazier, International Plaza 

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About Ambius

Ambius is the world’s largest provider of plants, holiday décor, replica foliage and flowers for commercial environments. Ambius also offers a broad range of products and services including scenting, living green walls which can help improve employee productivity, reduce absenteeism and boost well-being in the workplace. Founded in 1963, Ambius is a division of Rentokil Initial plc. For more information, visit Ambius at and connect with Ambius on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.