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NEWS - FAQ for commercial customers regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Reading, PA. (March 15, 2020) —

This applies for Ambius commercial customers. The answers may change in the upcoming weeks based on the fluidity of this situation.

As a global service organization, Ambius is committed to doing its part in limiting the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as Coronavirus. We are also committed to continuing to serve our customers to the best of our ability. This FAQ answers common customer questions about our current preparedness and contingency plans regarding COVID-19. 

  1. Is your company under any current travel restrictions/bans? 

    Yes. Ambius has restricted/banned business travel to and from the following: 

    China, Italy, Japan, Macau, South Korea 

    Future travel restrictions/bans may be issued and will be based upon guidance provided by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our North American staff are encouraged to avoid planning in-person meetings that require travel and utilize virtual tools wherever possible. 

  1. What are your current inventory levels to support current and future business needs?
    • Safety stock for current inventory items: Ambius North America currently has safety supplies and sufficient PPE at each of our districts and has verified safety stock with our suppliers. Our parent company continues to monitor and fulfill supply orders to those areas with the highest need. 
    • Equipment stock, if any: Rentokil North America has verified stock levels and has verified with our suppliers that they have increased stock on products that could impact our ability to conduct business. As the situation remains fluid, we will continue to evaluate equipment stock and put contingency plans in place if needed. 
    • Is your company currently sourcing anything overseas that could potentially impact the domestic supply chain?

      Ambius’s Procurement team has verified with all of our suppliers that they have planned for materials that might be coming from overseas and have adjusted stock levels accordingly. Our most critical supplies are not sourced overseas, so we do not anticipate any business interruption. 

  1. Do you have contingency plans in place for services at customer locations or crews to deploy services? 

    We have flexible plans to service customer accounts based on what precautions they are implementing for their facilities. If a customer requires adjustments in their routine scheduled service, they should reach out to their local Ambius account manager. 

    We can temporarily offer plant maintenance on an alternative schedule outside regular business hours as an additional precaution. Contact us if you’d be interested in such a service adjustment. 

  1. Do you have a Pandemic Preparedness Plan? 

    Yes. Our parent company has a fully developed Pandemic Preparedness Plan to guide actions. Ambius has in place a cross-functional team prepared to identify, assess, and respond to a disruption in business operations for each of its operational business units. If you need a copy of this plan, please speak with your account manager. 

  1. Has Ambius communicated to its Colleagues the importance of good hygiene practices, the importance of cleaning with disinfectant for common areas, and procedures to be followed if they are sick or a family member is diagnosed with COVID-19? 

    Yes, communications have been sent to all Colleagues on these important precautionary measures. We will continue communications during the upcoming weeks as this situation evolves. 


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