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Business Sectors

Our clients are already benefiting from Premium Scenting to enhance their commercial environments. Below are just a few example case studies. Call us to find out more on how you can benefit too.

  • Hospitality - Scent the lobby in order to enhance the aesthetics of the environment by offering a warm welcome effect to your guests. A multi-sensory brand experience will be triggered increasing customer loyalty. Why is a good fragrance important for your hotel?
  • Healthcare - Healthcare facilities are an excellent choice for Ambius Premium Scenting, ambient scenting and aromatherapy services.
  • Retail - Why is ambient scenting important for your retail outlet? Ambient scenting has been shown to make people stay longer in fragranced areas, and the longer they stay the more they are likely to purchase.
  • Fitness - It is very important to get that warm sporty welcome message across when first arriving at the fitness center. Subtle fragrances can be used to enhance the ambiance of an environment, convey a mood and promote the right image.
  • Holiday Holiday decor transforms your interior business into a magical place. Create an atmosphere that truly enhances the ambience of your space into a winter wonderland through the sense of smell.
  • Gaming Sophisticated businesses seeking to provide a compelling brand experience their clients will remember and want to repeat use ambient scenting. The sense of smell can alter the mood enhancing the overall client experience causing them to stay longer.
  • Odor remediation - Removing bad odors in businesses once and for all.