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Odor control and ambient scenting in fitness centers

Fitness centers and gyms are becoming increasingly popular for individuals and families alike. To stand out against the competition, these facilities must invest in the customer experience to earn and keep the membership business thriving. One way a fitness center can distinguish themselves against other facilities is by practicing scent marketing.

Scent machines can be placed in locker rooms, lobbies, steam rooms and other workout spaces in your facility. By choosing the type of scent you would like throughout your facility, you create a mood and help increase brand recognition with your members.

Benefits of scent marketing in fitness centers and gyms

Scent marketing is a powerful marketing strategy because it connects with individuals on a personal and psychological level. Some of the benefits of scent marketing in fitness centers and gyms include:

  • Scent marketing can help combat the odors commonly found in gyms like sweat and old gym shoes.
  • Scent can help create a more welcoming environment to new visitors, meaning more membership sign ups and more sales.
  • The right scent can motivate and relax gym members while they work out.

For more information on how your fitness center or gym can benefit from Ambius Premium Scenting, contact your local Ambius consultant by filling out our online form.

Hospitality resort – odor remediation

  • Challenge - The children's exercise, play and fitness center in a major Florida time-share facility had an odor problem attributed to the children's plastic play structure combined with human perspiration. The problem was so severe the area was removed from the facility tour provided to prospective clients.

  • Solution - Premium Scenting installed one Premium Scenting ambient scenting system in the HVAC which eliminated all malodors.

    Resort management reported "the equipment and scent has performed beyond our wildest expectations. Your equipment and technical support have allowed us to overcome a serious odor problems in a critical area of our resort operation and to do so in a cost-efficient manner".