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Odor remediation and ambient scenting in casinos and hotels

Major Las Vegas Hotel and casino – odor remediation

  • Challenge - A major Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas had tried every restroom odor control system on the market, installing as many as 22 dispensers and supplementing them with hand spraying during peak periods. The restrooms were still unpleasant.

  • Solution - Premium Scenting replaced 22 traditional dispensers with two Premium Scenting Ambient Scenting systems in the most difficult restroom. A proprietary odor remediation scent was used along with a fresh and clean scent.

    Following a 3 week trial, during which time all hand spraying was discontinued, Premium Scenting was awarded a 3 year contract for restroom odor remediation in all 16 restrooms in the casino and convention complex. Today, Premium Scenting serves the entire facility - all the restrooms and the casino gaming area with both odor remediation and ambient scenting services.

Major Las Vegas casino – odor remediation

  • Challenge - A major casino in the Southeast with more than 100,000 square feet of playing area had a persistent, severe tobacco odor problem despite aggressive cleaning and fresh air ventilation systems.

  • Solution - Premium Scenting conducted a trial in a 5,000 square foot cocktail lounge area that presented a particularly difficult odor problem. Using an odor remediation agent targeted at residual cigarette smoke odors and a fragrance selected by management to match the hotel amenities scent, Premium Scenting completely eliminated the malodors and provided the pleasant and memorable scent chosen by casino management.

    Following a month-long trial and evaluation by management, Premium Scenting was awarded a 3 year contract for odor remediation and ambient scenting services throughout the hotel lobby, gaming and adjacent areas. After a further 90 days, Prolitec was awarded a second 3 year contract for another facility of the equal size. Today Prolitec serves all the casinos operated by this well-regarded group.