Scenting in Healthcare


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Ambient scenting & odor remediation in hospitals

In the healthcare industry, providing a positive patient experience is vital. By nature, these facilities often induce anxiety and stress, not just in the patients, but also in the employees and visitors.

Ambius services healthcare facilities throughout the country such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Ophthalmology centers
  • Chiropractic clinics
  • Laser hair removal offices
  • Nursing homes
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Orthopedic clinics

The benefits of scenting for the healthcare industry

According to The Harris Poll, 93% of Americans surveyed said malodor would impact the way they perceived an organization. 56% of respondents stated that experiencing a foul odor would lead them to believe the facility was unsanitary.

By nature, healthcare facilities are prone to human malodors, only to be exacerbated by antiseptics and other chemicals. Not only is the resulting scent unpleasant, but it is not one that puts people at ease. Luckily, a scenting solution addresses both of those concerns. Ambient scenting and aromatherapy services are excellent solutions for simultaneously remediating odors and easing anxieties. There is even research suggesting that certain relaxing scents, such as Lavender, reduce the need for anxiety medications amongst patients.

odor remediation in healthcare

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Senior living facilities

Much like hospitals and medical offices, senior living facilities can be stressful environments for residents, employees, and visitors alike. Studies show that more than 75 percent of older adults wish to age in their own homes, the place they feel most comfortable. However, sometimes this is not the most feasible option.

Senior living facilities are most successful when they are able to replicate that feeling of comfort and familiarity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are approximately 15,600 nursing homes in the United States. Consequently, there is a great deal of competition in the industry, all with a difficult job to do. 

Senior care providers must simultaneously make the residents feel comfortable, supported and valued, meet the expectations of residents’ loved ones, and keep staff turnover to a minimum. Ambius scenting experts can define the perfect solution for your care environment by combining our exclusive diagnostic tools to meet the needs of all stakeholders in your organization.

By nature, nursing homes often carry the reputation of having musky smells, but that does not have to be the case. These malodors are often a result of poor ventilation and ineffective ‘air fresheners’ that attempt to replace one smell with another. Premium Scenting not only removes odors but eliminates them entirely, helping to:

  • Improve the quality of life for residents
  • Manage the expectations of families
  • Limit the turnover of nursing aides and increase staff retention


A well-scented environment can help to win over prospective residents and families. In fact, ambient scent has been found to increase positive evaluations by 25%. Malodors often have the opposite effect. Strong, displeasing scents can give the impression that a facility is unclean or not well cared for.

Scent can also have a beneficial impact on those who already reside at your facility. Introducing scent can elevate resident experience by providing a more pleasant environment that promotes relaxation. It has even shown to improve quality of life.

Visitors and Families

According to, 54.7% of people feel that they do not spend enough time visiting their loved one in a senior care facility. Of those people, 17.2% attribute it to feeling uncomfortable in the facility. From the smell to the inherent difficulty of seeing elderly people nearing the end of life, people have many excuses as to why they do not visit senior care facilities as much as they “intend to.” When your facility becomes a place at which residents feel happy and at home, it becomes evident to their visitors and they become more comfortable in the environment as well. 


The care home industry is accompanied by a unique set of challenges and consequently has an unusually high turnover rate. With 26% of care home staff leaving within a year, it is important to foster a positive working environment, and scenting can help do just that. While scenting exists functionally to replace one smell with another, experiential or ambient scenting uses a pleasant background fragrance to enhance mood or well-being, and even decrease stress.

Malnutrition in senior living facilities

In our Senior Living Quality of Life Report, we look at how a customized scent program helps to create a family-friendly environment, along with positively impacting the well-being of residents and staff motivation. We also consider:

  • How emotion and cognition affect the physical health of residents
  • How our cutting-edge technology tackles malodors
  • How scent solutions help acquire and retain great staff

Download the Senior Living Quality of Life Report

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