Scenting in Hospitality


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Scenting in the hospitality industry

The hospitality industry is changing. Hotels are moving away from being solely providers of accommodation to being providers of experience. 

As always, hotels offer guests a place to sleep and relax, but now they must also offer seamless services, often tech-enabled, that guests have now come to expect. While they still want formality and consistency, the newer generation of guest demands unique and authentic experiences immersed in the destination, emotional connectivity and empathetic service from hotel staff. The sensorial, immersive hotel is the key to the future, where all the senses work holistically to deliver an authentic guest experience.

The evolving guest stay

Consumers buy services and brands that they believe complement their own self-images and lifestyles: a process sometimes called ‘image congruence.’ These days, many travelers are seeking accommodations with a localized flair, allowing them to fully immerse themselves in their travels. As home-sharing apps increase in popularity, hoteliers must find a way to set their property apart and ahead of the other options. Brand hotel experiences that align to traveler personas create stronger and more meaningful brand loyalties, assisted by sensory stimuli such as music, visuals and scent.

Scenting in hospitality

Scent marketing for hotels & resorts

In the hospitality field, creating a positive, lasting experience is what the business is all about. Here, the sense of smell has a five-second advantage over our other senses. Smell has the biggest initial impact before the visual role is fully established, providing a sense of orientation. This is why lobby scenting is so important. The scent is the first thing your guests will experience upon walking in. It is an opportunity to provide a ‘warm welcome’ to new guests, as well as a ‘welcome home’ to repeat visitors.

The use of scent is becoming increasingly important, not as a ‘nice-to-have’ but as an integral part of the hotel design and brand, just as important as décor and furniture. Scenting has three key purposes in hotel design: 

  1. To deliver ambiance for a more immersive guest experience 
  2. To represent a brand through signature scents
  3. To signal a particular space or event such as a spa or seasonal display olfactorily

Without scent, how are you setting your brand apart from the competition?

Premium Scenting review

Benefits of scent marketing in hospitality properties

Scent is an incredibly powerful tool. One’s sense of smell is transmitted to the olfactory bulb, which is a part of the limbic system the part of the brain that handles emotion and memory. Consequently, by scenting your space, you are able to deliver emotionally connected experiences and a memorable brand image.

Scenting differentiates your brand, allowing guests to experience it with all five of their senses. Additionally, it helps create a perception of quality in a space, encouraging more positive reviews and word-of-mouth. In our Business Impact of Scent global consumer survey, 67% of respondents said that a pleasant smell in a hotel would make them feel more patient and relaxed. 48% said that it would make them more likely to return in the future.

Discover the ultimate hotel experience

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While hotels are building upon levels of safety and luxury that exceed earlier generations, they are also intent on finding ways to give guests unique and memorable experiences, where multisensory inputs are used to offer unprecedented levels of personalization. To discover what scenting can do for your space, contact our experts today.