Scenting in Hospitality


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Odor elimination in hotels

Scent marketing for hotels & resorts

In the hospitality field, creating a positive, lasting experience is what the business is all about. If you want to leave a lasting impression on guests, we suggest implementing scent marketing as part of your branding strategy.

Scent evokes an emotional response and memories, both of which are components of creating a strong brand. Scented candles and incense are beautiful touches, but our scent diffusers are created specifically for commercial use and may be discretely placed around your property.

Benefits of scent marketing in hospitality properties

Scent is so powerful because one’s sense of smell is transmitted to the olfactory bulb, which is a part of the limbic system. This is why it evokes memory. But there are other benefits to scent marketing such as:

  • Scent helps create a more memorable brand image
  • Scent can help create a perception of quality in a space
  • Scent can help boost sales by increasing repeat customers

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Major midwest hotel – odor remediation

  • Challenge - A five star hotel in the Midwestern US needed assistance in solving their odor issues. There was a strong tobacco smell on their smoking floor due to the lack of good air circulation in the hallways, a common problem for hotels, which rely mainly on individual room units. In addition, the top floor had a moldy smell from the humidity caused by the doors to the rooftop.

  • The Premium Scenting solution - Premium Scenting installed appliances and diffused odor neutralizers to eliminate these malodors while providing a pleasant scent throughout the hallways and elevator shafts. Also, an inviting aroma was added to the lobby creating a warm and homey atmosphere. Premium Scenting provided a rapid, effective, and discreet solution that reflects their reputation.

Milwaukee, WI hotel – odor remediation

  • Challenge - A local hotel has an indoor pool and water park. One guest tower shares an elevator shaft with the water park. The chlorine odors permeated the elevators and wafted onto the guest floors.

  • The Premium Scenting solution - The hotel asked Premium Scenting to eliminate the chlorine odors in the elevator shafts, as well as add a light ambient scent to their lobby. Four ambient scenting zones were created in the elevator shafts, and upper and lower lobbies. The smell of chlorine was successfully eliminated from the elevators. And the hotels brand was reinforced in the lobby with the smell of fresh flowers.