Scenting in Offices


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Scenting in offices

Over the course of a lifetime, we may spend as many as 90,000 hours at work. Why spend that much time in a workspace that doesn’t work for you? 

In a 2018 survey, 41% of respondents reported that ambient scent improves the workspace, and they were correct. Further research demonstrates that workers in a scented environment exhibited greater levels of productivity and self-sufficiency. Certain scents have also been known to increase speed and accuracy of work. When employees are happy and productive, everyone wins.

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Benefits of scenting in the office environment

Though the scent of your office might not be something you’ve noticed before, there are many benefits of utilizing a Premium Scenting solution in such an environment. In the workplace, the purpose of scenting has less to do with creating a memorable brand experience (as in other sectors) and more to do with fostering a workspace in which people can thrive. Raymond Matts, head of Fragrance Design at Prolitec, put it this way, “The key to an ideal environment is that the scent must be subliminal and subtle, with the proper balance between uplifting and comfortable. And certainly, the goal in a workplace is to energize.” 

Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Contributes to a strong brand identity that sets your organization apart
  • Compliments the look and feel of your office by engaging all five senses
  • Improves mood, contributing to a positive company culture and reducing turnover
  • Encourages a productive work environment
  • Helps attract and retain clients
Scenting offices

Beneficial fragrances for offices

These six fragrances are particularly useful in the work environment, as they have functional properties that calm anxieties and boost productivity and mood.


Rosemary is the perfect adversary for the Monday morning blues. Not only does it fight physical exhaustion and mental fatigue, but it also aids in retention. 


Like Rosemary, Cinnamon helps to fight mental fatigue while improving focus.


Does your business thrive on innovation and creativity? Peppermint scents might be just what your office needs. Peppermint is a great brainstorming tool that stimulates clear thinking and encourages concentration. 


Lemon is a great choice for shared workspaces for multiple reasons. Its calming and clarifying properties can help fight anxiety and fatigue. Additionally, lemon has antiviral properties that boost immune systems and improve circulation in an environment where germs spread rapidly.


Often touted for its calming properties, Lavender is a useful scent to combat the stressors of the workplace. By relaxing tensions, it can also alleviate headaches and other ailments that can result from a stressful environment.


Much like lavender, jasmine is also a calming scent. When we are stuck inside, the lack of vitamin D and fresh air can bring about a certain malaise. Jasmine’s uplifting capabilities can be used to fight these feelings with revitalized energy.

Ambius scenting solutions for offices

You work hard. Now it’s time to work smart. Ensure that your office is set up for success with the help of a Premium Scenting solution. We take pride in our consultative approach and the consistent professional standards of service we deliver across the country.

To learn more about how scenting pairs with our surface disinfection service to ensure that your space smells as clean as it really is, visit our Surface Hygiene page.