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Woody scents

Blue wood

Crisp green apple notes enhance and brighten the white floral notes of jasmine, lotus flower and magnolia, building to a sensuous blend of sandalwood, cedar wood, oakmoss, patchouli and smokiness of guaiacwood.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 4.3/10
  • Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Addictive, Crisp, Elegant, Friendly, Luxurious, Modern, Mysterious, Sophisticated, Warm
  • Best for - Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail

Boutique noir

A masculine, slightly industrial feel is created with pepper-infused mango notes combined with the earthy and musky aroma of leather. The addition of wet woods give a feeling of sophistication and warmth.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 6.25/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Bold, Casual, Classic, Masculine, Outdoorsy, Warm
  • Best for - Retail, Hospitality

Leather smooth

A casual, yet elegant feel of the finest leathers from Spain and Italy is created with a touch of real Mimosa absolute, giving the scent its suppleness and delicacy. A dark natural extract of precious Indian mimosa with a touch of fluffy floralcy round out the scent.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 3.7/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Bold, Casual, Luxurious, Modern, Relaxing, Warm
  • Best for - Retail, Transportation

Marine fresh

An oriental woody scent creating a fresh yet peaceful atmosphere. A fresh feel is created through the notes of ocean spray and aromatic bergamot. A peaceful and warm feel is added through notes of dune grass by the sea and soft notes of cedarwood.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 4.2/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Fresh, Friendly, Peaceful, Warm
  • Best for - Real Estate, Hospitality

Refreshing lavender

A classic oriental woody scent creating a calming and peaceful environment.

A refreshing feel is created through aromatic essence of French lavender accented with crisp notes of bergamot and a blend of clary sage to provide a calming feel.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 4.5/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Casual, Classic, Fresh, Playful, Relaxing, Warm
  • Best for - Hospitality, Healthcare, Transportation, Retail

Wood blonde

An inviting feel is created through notes of soft blonde wood, birch wood and crisp young leaves. A blend of sun-dried driftwood, blond orris roots and creamy Australian sandalwood provide a comforting and friendly embrace.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 3.3/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Clean, Friendly, Modern, Mysterious, Relaxing
  • Best for - Hospitality, Real Estate, Retail


A mossy wood scent creating an invigorating and vibrant outdoorsy feel.

A cooling and clean feel is created through notes of fresh evergreens and crisp pines. An added blend of newly blossomed sage and thyme provide an uplifting and complementary boost.

Scent Characteristics

  • Detection Level - 5.6/10
  • Odor Neutralizer - Yes
  • Adjectives - Fresh, Friendly, Invigorating, Outdoorsy, Relaxing, Vibrant
  • Best for - Hospitality, Real Estate, Healthcare, Transportation

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