Scenting for a cleaner space


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Scenting for a cleaner space

As you reopen, assuring customers that your space is clean and safe is more imperative than ever. You have protocols in place to keep things clean, safe, and hygienic like disinfecting surfaces, purifying the air, and providing hand sanitizer. But with elevated hygiene concerns, how are you communicating that your space is clean and safe?

Creating a sensory experience that allows people to see, feel, and smell that a space is clean can enhance and amplify the work you are doing to keep people healthy and protected. Smell is our most powerful sense and can provide an instant reaction to a space. According to a 2020 Harris Interactive poll, 56% of adults say after experiencing an unpleasant odor in an organization’s facility, they would assume the facility is not clean. 

The use of clean scents is a great, nonverbal method to reinforce your hygiene practices, lessen consumer anxiety about visiting your business and reassure customers that you are taking every precaution to keep them safe.

Our scenting solutions are:

  • Consultative and full-service 
  • Available in a range of nebulization systems that offer consistent, lasting, and uniform diffusion of scent
  • Compatible with any space, from small spaces to those with full HVAC systems
  • Designed to communicate your space’s cleanliness

Customers can’t see new air filters or a disinfected surface — but they can smell ‘clean.’

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Front of House solutions

The “front of the house” comprises some of the most customer-facing spaces in a facility. It is vitally important to keep these spaces clean and disinfected while also creating a warm, welcoming environment.

Not only do fresh scents help to communicate the efforts to ensure cleanliness, but they help to make customers and visitors feel more relaxed and comfortable overall.

Mandarin Zest

Sicilian mandarin is paired with juicy apple, fuzzy peach, and honeydew melon. Smooth green watery notes and muguet counteract the tangy citrus signature while delicate orange blossoms add softness.

Cucumber Mint

An aromatic blend of cucumber and mint alongside melon, water lily, and jasmine.

Mint Energy

Peppermint is the prominent ingredient in this stimulating scent. The aroma is boosted with maritime pine and wintergreen, fresh Bergamot, green hazelnut sap, and a hint of green apples.

White Tea Fushion

White tea offers a soft woodiness with a bit of citrus and ginger.

Back of House solutions

In the “back of the house,” scenting is largely functional. From bathrooms and locker rooms to loading docks and trash areas, malodors can be a real problem, contributing to the impression of an unclean environment.

Musky smells and malodors are often a result of poor ventilation and ineffective ‘air fresheners’ that attempt to replace one smell with another. Advanced and effective scenting solutions from Ambius not only control, but can actually reverse this. Microdroplets are dispersed into the air uniformly to eliminate unpleasant smells using an odor neutralizer. A tiny and safe amount of fragrance is released simultaneously, which is disseminated evenly and lasts for up to 12 hours. 

The Fresh Clean and Pink Grapefruit scents complement our odor neutralizing technologies perfectly, leaving your space smelling cleaner than ever.

Fresh clean

The smell of fresh air, tinged with sweet orange and honeysuckle. This simple fragrance is bright and refreshing, while acting as a strong odor neutralizer.

Pink grapefruit

Citrusy nuances combine to neutralize odors and infuse your space with joy.

Communicate clean to your customers

Customers want to know for certain that the space is clean and safe, and cleaning/disinfecting is only half of the battle. Odor-producing molecules hang out in your air despite your best efforts to get rid of them. Our systems generate microdroplets that contain your selected scent, which hunt out the odor molecules and eliminate them, leaving only pleasant, refreshing scents in the air.

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