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Why scenting?


A complete customer experience involves stimulating all five senses. The olfactory senses are powerful pleasure detectors. By uniformly diffusing a specially selected fragrance into the air, Premium Scenting helps create a unique and memorable ambiance, which shoppers will associate with your brand.

In today’s noisy world, we have become used to receiving visual and auditory brand messages. Ambius Premium Scenting uses the subtle yet powerful sense of smell, to add an extra dimension to your brand message.

Scents are selected to complement your brand image. They become part of the total experience and customers recognize that a particular scent ‘belongs’ to a particular brand.

Fact: 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.


Scenting in retail environments

Whether the goal is to enhance the experience of your customers or decrease stress levels of employees in the workplace, Premium Scenting greatly improves any indoor environment.

Consumers now have more choice than ever, and are able to freely exchange their opinions and experiences via Social Media. A pleasant shopping experience shared with others is good for your reputation and can lead to new and repeat customers. A poor experience could drive customers to shop elsewhere.

Independent research from around the world proves that shoppers feel comfortable in appropriately scented environments.

Where they feel comfortable, dwell time increases and they spend more. A scented environment created by Ambius Premium Scenting, will make your store or retail complex more appealing and improve the mood of shoppers. An appropriately scented store influences buying decisions, by increasing the likelihood of a customer making a purchase.

Fact: 100% of research respondents estimated the value of a pair of shoes to be over $10 higher than their actual value, in an environment scented with a relevant fragrance.

Odor remediation

In your busy environment, we understand that you may also have a need for effective odor remediation in some part of your business. Needless to say, lingering malodors in your interior can drastically affect how people view your business. From eliminating a strong tobacco odor from a Las Vegas casino to curing a commercial building of an ongoing skunk smell issue, Ambius has numerous odor remediation case studies that display the value of Premium Scenting.

Fact: 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment.

Scenting for the holidays

Holiday scenting adds that unmistakable extra element that captures the spirit of the holidays. Ambius’ holiday scenting will be sure to equally stimulate and soothe customers and coworkers alike.

Ambius premium holiday scenting allows you to deliciously augment your decor. Choose one of our signature holiday scents now. Ambius Premium Scenting has a patented process that discreetly scents your space with a regular and easily programmable application.

Free scenting consultation

Our scent catalog awaits your perusal so that you can begin choosing a unique aroma that will be sure to uplift your space. Ambius’ teams of professionals are waiting to help you to develop your signature fragrance that will be sure to lure as well as retain your customers.

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