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The action we take to mitigate our impact

An important aspect of Ambius' commitment to improving the environment is the permanent protection of vulnerable rainforests. We have made a substantial donation to Cool Earth which will protect approximately 90 acres of vulnerable rainforest from destruction. Not only does this help in battle against climate change, it also protects fragile habitats and eco-systems and encourages greater biodiversity. 

We chose to support Cool Earth for a number of reasons, but mainly because many of the cultivated plants that we use in our interior plant displays trace their ancestry and origins to these vulnerable rain forests.

Kenneth Freeman, sustainability green program, Ambius:

"This certification provides a funding mechanism for environmental and community engagement beyond the boundaries of a business. Ambius' chosen investment into Cool Earth provides a direct link between the company and the Peruvian Amazon, cutting CO2 emissions whilst providing a sustainable livelihood for the communities and wildlife in the region." 

"This exciting partnership will help prevent various species of plant from being lost to deforestastion."

Matthew Owen, Director, Cool Earth:

"We think it would be a tragedy if, in the future, the only places to see tropical plants are the insides of office buildings and the greenhouses of botanic gardens. To us, sustainability is more than about climate change - important that it is, and we are delighted to be associated with a programme that takes a holistic view of the protection of our planet and its ecosystems."

As a global company, it is sometimes necessary to get people from around the world in one place for a conference. At a recent 4-day event in Paris, Ambius worked with Cool Earth to ensure that any damage we did to the environment by travelling to the meeting was mitigated by further action to protect the Amazon rain forest. It was calculated that the return travel to the meeting by all delegates was approximately 11.5 tons of CO2e.