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Web accessibility ambius website

In an effort to make our website available to a wide audience, we have included keyboard shortcuts known as Access Keys and a Print Stylesheet.

Access keys

By using well-known access key combinations we hope non-mouse-users will be able to navigate our website(s). 

  • Access - Key Function

  • 1 - Navigate to the homepage

  • 3 - Navigate to the sitemap

  • 4 - Activate the search form

  • 9 - Navigate to the "Contact Us" page

  • 0 - Navigate to the accessibility information (this page)

  • S - Jump to content / Skip the navigation

Using access keys

Access keys vary from program to program; so here's some information on how to use them in today's major web-browsers:

  • Browser - Keyboard Action

  • Internet Explorer 6+ (Windows PC) - Hold down the 'Alt' key, press the number of the Access key, release both keys then press 'Enter'

  • Firefox (Windows PC & Linux) - Hold down the 'Shift + Alt' keys and press the number of the Access key

  • Firefox (Apple Mac) - Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the number of the Access key

  • Safari / Omniweb (Apple Mac) - Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the number of the Access key

  • Konqueror (Linux) - Hold down the 'Ctrl' key and press the number of the Access key


The style sheet (CSS) of this website has been optimised for printing. This means that any user of this site can activate the print function of their browser and receive a “printer friendly” version of the currently active page. 

The “printer friendly” version of the page will not contain any site navigation, section navigation, the search facility, the branding image or the site footer.