Ambius - Office Plants & Landscaping

Ambius offers a complete range of design and plant services for interior business environments. Our services include live and artificial plant displays, a complete office plant service, ambient scenting for work environments, commercial holiday decorations, wall art, living wall and green roof design. We also handle custom requests for any size business. Each project is distinctive in style and image to reflect the specific needs and brand of each client.


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We design, install and service office plants for commercial businesses. Our designers specialize in selecting plants and containers to fit the available lighting and ambience of every space.



Inspire awe and wonder this holiday season. Ambius award-winning designers will bring your ideas to life and create holiday themes for every season and budget - captivating all who see them.



Engage with your clients and visitors using Ambius Premium Scenting. Enhance their consumer experience with our scenting system that can be used for both scent marketing and odor remediation.