2016 Ambius Holiday Designs

holiday tree installThe New Year has arrived! Ambius capped off the 2016 holiday design season helping businesses across North America deck their halls. Ambius offices throughout the U.S. and Canada provide commercial holiday decorations, working with businesses of all kinds, from local offices to luxury hotels to national chain stores.

The green-thumbed elves at Ambius outdid themselves this year by churning out wonderful and wintry creations. While many of our colleagues gave up personal time during the holiday  for installations and take down services, we take pride in knowing that our work helps spread the holiday spirit.

Enjoy some examples of our holiday designs from 2016 below! Read More »

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The New Natural Habitat: How Biophilia and WELL are Changing the Way We Work

man sun business suit nature landscape

For hundreds of thousands of years, man roamed the grassy plains, the dense forests, and the rugged mountains of the world as nomadic peoples, steeped in the natural world and beholden to it for their own survival. They followed the great herds as they traversed some of the most breathtaking and serene landscapes of the world, stopping only to set up temporary housing communities as the herds paused to rest and roam the untamed earth.

For this time, nature and the outdoors served as our natural habitat in which we lived and thrived, and this cultivated in us a deep-seeded biological bond in which we as a species are tied to this day. Read More »

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Spice Up the Holidays with these Classic Herbs and Spices

Christmas atmosphere: spices, candies, cones and nutsIf someone were to ask you what the holidays smelled or tasted like, what would you say? Would you say fir trees and gingerbread cookies? What about scented candles, honey ham, or perhaps peppermint? The correct answer is all of the above, and a whole lot more, because everybody has their own unique idea of what the holidays are about. For many of us, our memories of the holidays are deeply infused with the tastes and smells swirling all around us this time of year, and are inseparable from the holiday traditions that we celebrate.

The food we eat, and the joyous scents we smell, often contain more holiday magic than the commercialized aspects of the season do. They are as much a part of the season as the traditions that we celebrate, and they are truly one of a kind.

That said, there are certain herbs and spices that we definitively associate with the holidays more than any other. They permeate our noses and our taste buds every year, and it wouldn’t be the same without their familiar and deeply gratifying tastes and scents. With holiday season in full swing, we wanted to try our hand at identifying some of these definitive tastes and scents that help to make the holidays, well, the holidays. Read More »

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The Elements of an Amazing Holiday Design: Holiday Design Trends of 2016

handmade christmas heart shaped decorations outdoor in snowy gardenThere is an art to Holiday design that extends beyond the traditional green, red, and white color palette and a string of warm white accent lights around a building’s entryway. There’s nothing wrong with this approach, in fact there is a timeless beauty to these features that is essential to the holiday tradition and will forever be in vogue.

However, beyond the traditional displays of every-year, there are designers and designs that are pushing the boundaries of holiday magic to places never before reached by taking the elements of tradition and infusing them with new imagination, creating designs that are captivatingly new and bursting with Holiday spirit.

The art of Holiday decor requires a deep understanding of traditional design, along with an eagerness to break the rules and push the bounds of design. In order to create the stunning Holiday displays that we see popping up all over the country in shopping centers, town squares, government buildings, and the like during this time of year, much larger creative capacities are needed. Ambius Designers have their fingers on the pulse of the Holiday trends and play off each other’s inspirations.

Just like any form of art, Holiday décor begins with the designs that have worked and adds to it by harnessing the inspirations and excitement that surround the Holidays. This is why the Holidays in particular seem to lend us some of the most brilliant displays of the year. Just like last year and the years before, the design elements of 2016-17 continue to change and evolve with the times.

Here’s our list of the top design elements and themes that you will see this Holiday season whether you’re out walking the wintery landscapes or shopping at your local mall. Read More »

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The Long, Strange Tale of the Poinsettia in Christmas Lore

Poinsettia flowerThere are certain plants that play important and often mysterious roles in holiday traditions and celebrations all over the world. From the Egyptians who decorated trees during the winter solstice to the Pagans and Druids who used Mistletoe in their winter rituals, stories of ritualized plant use span continents and history and have become infused into the mythologies that span generations.

The poinsettia’s story is just as unique as the rest, and despite this celebrated plant’s prominence during the holiday season, its story remains largely unknown — until now.

The story of the poinsettia is one that spans hundreds of years and contains countless twists and turns as it wound its way into our holiday canon. Although it doesn’t pre-date Christianity like it’s Christmas counterparts, the holiday season wouldn’t be the same without the reds and greens of the poinsettia. Read More »

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