The Influence of Scent on Senior Care Residents’ Health & Wellbeing

Fear of going into a care home (or ‘old people’s home’ as many people still say) is a very real thing, no matter where you are in the world.  A 2013 survey by Populus Data Solutions found that less than one in four adults would be willing to consider moving into a home if they become frail in old age.  There are many reasons behind this including boredom, fear of neglect and isolation; but illness is also a major factor.

With old age, comes the potential for a plethora of illnesses.  Nursing homes, palliative care homes and hospices will have staff on hand, but care homes and residential homes will be more reliant on visiting medical professionals, placing great importance on preventative health measures. Read More »

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VIDEO: Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Plants

There are so many things that indoor plants can do for a business. They make the offices brighter and more attractive, just for starters. There are also numerous environmental and health benefits to including indoor plants in your interior landscaping and design plans.

For more information about what indoor plants can do and how Ambius can help you with your interior landscaping needs, check out the video above and see how they can help. We also welcome you to contact Ambius and speak with one of our consultants to discuss how we can help.


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Biophilia and HealthCare

Rear view of a girl holding her father's hand and walking towards her motherThere are very few people who enjoy being at the hospital. By their very design, they are there for people when they are having some of their worst moments.

Although hospital workers do all they can to make people feel as comfortable as possible, patients are sick, injured or worse. However, there are things that hospitals and other medical facilities can do to try and make things a little better. It’s subtle, but studies show plants and the use of biophilia in healthcare facilities can help staff, patients and visitors.

Biophilia is a term coined by a Harvard University professor E.O. Wilson that says humans are hard-wired with a need to connect to nature in some way. Human beings need and want to be close to nature, to see nature, to be able to feel as though they are surrounded by nature. That calming connections helps feel better about themselves, the world, their current situation. Read More »

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Scent Your Way to a Caring Senior Living Environment

Working in a care home, residential home or respite care can be an incredibly rewarding role.  Contributing towards the comfort and quality of life for someone in their later years brings knowledge that you have really made a difference – not only to an elderly person but their family and loved ones.  It’s a position of great trust.

Like all jobs though, there is a down-side.  Work can be physically and emotionally draining, hours are long and the working environment isn’t always as good as we would want for our own family, or indeed ourselves when/if the time comes.

Scenting in healthcare environments have been proven to contribute to a positive work environment.  In fact, ambient scent can increase worker efficiency and self-efficacy as well as a willingness to help. Read More »

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Pantone’s Color of 2017: Greenery


Every year, Pantone unveils a color that reflects the current climate, which ultimately influences trends in every aspect of design from architecture to fashion.  That’s why it’s so encouraging the color technology company released its “official color of 2017” as – Greenery (specifically, Pantone 15-0343). A color reminiscent of nature itself.

“It is easy to see that as a society there is a growing awareness and desire to connect with nature in all aspects of our daily lives,” said Ambius expert designer Laura Burns-Lambert. “We are ecstatic to see shades of green flourish in the 2017 palette. With color palettes named Succulent, Floribunda, Forest Floor, it is biophilia, human connection, love and need of nature, at its finest.” Read More »

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