Scent Your Way to a Caring Senior Living Environment

Working in a care home, residential home or respite care can be an incredibly rewarding role.  Contributing towards the comfort and quality of life for someone in their later years brings knowledge that you have really made a difference – not only to an elderly person but their family and loved ones.  It’s a position of great trust.

Like all jobs though, there is a down-side.  Work can be physically and emotionally draining, hours are long and the working environment isn’t always as good as we would want for our own family, or indeed ourselves when/if the time comes.

Scenting in healthcare environments have been proven to contribute to a positive work environment.  In fact, ambient scent can increase worker efficiency and self-efficacy as well as a willingness to help. Read More »

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Pantone’s Color of 2017: Greenery


Every year, Pantone unveils a color that reflects the current climate, which ultimately influences trends in every aspect of design from architecture to fashion.  That’s why it’s so encouraging the color technology company released its “official color of 2017” as – Greenery (specifically, Pantone 15-0343). A color reminiscent of nature itself.

“It is easy to see that as a society there is a growing awareness and desire to connect with nature in all aspects of our daily lives,” said Ambius expert designer Laura Burns-Lambert. “We are ecstatic to see shades of green flourish in the 2017 palette. With color palettes named Succulent, Floribunda, Forest Floor, it is biophilia, human connection, love and need of nature, at its finest.” Read More »

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The Benefits of Indoor Plants in Airports

YVR Feb 8th 2017

Airports and air travel can be stressful due to delayed or canceled flights, missing luggage or long layovers. One component that enhances the passenger experience is airport design. Interior airport design can help counteract these situations and create a pleasant experience for passengers, employees and as a result, drive sales for retailers in airports.

Airport aesthetics can leave a lasting impression on passengers, even if they are only staying for a short amount of time. A component of airport aesthetics, interior plant design, can boost passenger’s moods and as a result, increase retail spending.

A 2010 North America Airport satisfaction study by J.D. Power and Associates concluded, “When passengers reported high levels of satisfaction with an airport, they tended to increase their retail spending.”

Indoor plant services such as live plants, replica plants, green walls and large interior landscaping design are tools interior plant designers can use to help airports create a relaxed, positive experience for passengers while traveling. Read More »

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2016 Ambius Holiday Designs

holiday tree installThe New Year has arrived! Ambius capped off the 2016 holiday design season helping businesses across North America deck their halls. Ambius offices throughout the U.S. and Canada provide commercial holiday decorations, working with businesses of all kinds, from local offices to luxury hotels to national chain stores.

The green-thumbed elves at Ambius outdid themselves this year by churning out wonderful and wintry creations. While many of our colleagues gave up personal time during the holiday  for installations and take down services, we take pride in knowing that our work helps spread the holiday spirit.

Enjoy some examples of our holiday designs from 2016 below! Read More »

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The New Natural Habitat: How Biophilia and WELL are Changing the Way We Work

man sun business suit nature landscape

For hundreds of thousands of years, man roamed the grassy plains, the dense forests, and the rugged mountains of the world as nomadic peoples, steeped in the natural world and beholden to it for their own survival. They followed the great herds as they traversed some of the most breathtaking and serene landscapes of the world, stopping only to set up temporary housing communities as the herds paused to rest and roam the untamed earth.

For this time, nature and the outdoors served as our natural habitat in which we lived and thrived, and this cultivated in us a deep-seeded biological bond in which we as a species are tied to this day. Read More »

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