The Hungry Gardener’s Guide to the Fall Harvest

Fall is officially here and that usually means one thing: pumpkins. Yes, pumpkins are being picked and plucked from patches across the United States, but fall’s most famous orange veggie isn’t the only thing filling up farmer’s markets this season.

Pumpkins are the most popular of the fall harvest vegetables, but the harvest offers many more vegetables that fly under the radar.

Pumpkins are the most popular of the fall harvest vegetables, but the harvest offers many more vegetables that fly under the radar.

With such a large influx of freshly harvested fall favorites available everywhere from roadsides stands to grocery stores, we thought we’d help introduce you to the amazingly diverse range of flavor, texture, and scent options that you are sure to encounter this season.

Regardless of your cooking ability, these seasonal vegetables are too good to pass up and should make their way to your plate this fall whether you’ve cooked them up yourself or ordered them off the menu at your favorite local restaurant.

Interested in learning more? Check out the Interesting Facts and Growers Tips sections under each description to find out even more about the vegetables on our list. Read More »

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Ghoulish Plants Perfect for Your Halloween Bash

halloween-plants-collageWhile plants and flowers may not first spring to mind when you think of Halloween, there are more plant species with a spooky look than you may have thought.

Creepy flora, like Cockscomb and Dracula orchids, can give your garden and interior design a touch of the macabre. You can also awaken memories of Little Shop of Horrors with a carnivorous plant like a venus fly trap or pitcher plant.

Most people decorating for Halloween turn to the standard pumpkins and mums. Why not be a big more adventurous this year?

If you want to give your home or business a true haunted feel with various ghoulish touches, have a think about using these plants to help set the mood.  Read More »

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Four Cozy Scents for Fall


Unfortunately, summer has come to an end but luckily fall has arrived! The changing of leaves, pumpkin patches and Halloween make fall a favorite for many. Another reason people adore fall are the scents associated with it! Scents like, caramel apples, cinnamon, pumpkin and spice awaken fond memories of celebration and comfort.

Homeowners often scent their homes with scented candles and essential oils to make the mood more festive, but businesses can also take part in fall celebrations as well.

Ambius Premium Scenting allows for businesses to add a special element to their space, making it a more memorable and pleasant experience for employees and customers. Memory and scent work close with one another so adding alongside exterior and interior decor will leave a lasting impression.

Take a look at some of our scents that fit perfectly for the fall season. Read More »

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The Ultimate Guide to Indoor Plants

Table side the window and plants pot

Indoor plants should be an essential component of every interior design. Greenery brightens up indoor spaces and are known to have mood-boosting qualities.

Indoor plants are popular because they are relatively easy to take care of, provide health benefits and can be used in a variety of indoor décor themes. Indoor plants are a great option for those who have little yard space for an outdoor garden or for those who live in climates with severely cold winters.

So, if you’re caring for indoor plants for the first time, our ultimate guide will provide you with the necessary information to allow your green friends to thrive.

To provide you with expert insight, we asked our Senior Horticulturist at Ambius, Matt Kostelnick, to answer the most frequently asked questions about indoor plants.

Read More »

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How Scenting Can Help Your Brand

Lavender field image with textIf you own a retail business, hotel,  or casino, one of the things that could really help your establishment stand out from your competitors is the right scent.

How your business space smells might be the last thing you think about. However, smell is one of the most powerful senses that humans have. Adding the right scent to your space can really play a key role in creating a fully immersive and pleasant customer experience.

For example, studies have shown that the right scent can make experiences more emotional and meaningful. Did you know that 75% of human emotions can be affected by smell? Read More »

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