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Project design gallery

Whether your business is a 5-star luxury hotel or a modern office environment, our award-winning design consultants will create a return on your interiors that results in a return on investment. Explore our project gallery to see examples of Ambius design projects throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

What type of project are you interested in? 

Interior landscaping

Indoor  plants are important for businesses and workspaces. There are benefits to having plants accessible and line-of-sight for employees, plus they provide air purifying benefits and other health benefits to everyone inside the building. Check out some of our interior landscaping projects and find out what Ambius can do for you.

Holiday décor

When the holidays come around, you want holiday decor that stands out from the crowd and makes the people who come into your space feel that warm, fuzzy holiday feeling. If you own a retail space, the right holiday decorations and scents can increase staying time and improve the chance of a sale. Below are some of the holiday decor projects that our designers have done around the country. See what holiday decorating Ambius can do for your space.

Green walls

To  really enhance a lobby, meeting room, interior space, or portions of the building that you and your employees spend so much of your time in, adding a vertical garden or Green Wall can really improve things. Ambius can provide you with advice and install a Green Wall that makes your space look dazzling and provide the benefits of plants that don't take up much horizontal space. Check out some of the Green Walls we've done below.

Exterior landscaping

The exterior  landscaping around your building is what anyone and everyone sees first. Ambius is the expert in plants, both indoors and outdoors. To get a comprehensive landscaping solution for your business, contact us and find out what our designers can do to make it look great. Check out some of the exterior landscaping projects we've done before in the galleries linked below.

Design and construction

Ambius does indoor plantscaping services both big and small. If your business could really use some more green space and utilize the benefits of plants throughout your building or buildings, the contact us and find out how much Ambius can do to reshape your location. For a better idea of the large scale interior landscaping services we can do, check out some of the galleries below.

Premium Scenting