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Captivate the senses with Premium Scenting

In today’s noisy world, we have become used to receiving visual and auditory brand messages. However, a complete customer experience involves stimulating all five senses. Ambius Premium Scenting uses the subtle, yet powerful sense of smell to add an extra dimension to your brand message and yields many benefits such as:

  • Eliminating unpleasant odors 
  • Increasing dwell time in retail spaces
  • Elevating mood
  • Fostering brand identity
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving productivity

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Ambient scenting

Premium scenting not only creates a pleasurable environment, but is also a powerful tool to improve air quality.

Ambius’ fragrance artists can create the perfect mood to turn your space into an enhanced brand experience that connects powerfully with everyone who enters your business.

Enrich your space and influence great experiences with our most popular scenting service.

Brand scenting

Colors, decor themes, and even music can be used to create the essence of a brand. At Ambius, we think that essence needs just a little more.

Our scent technologies enable long-lasting, uniformly scented atmospheres, leaving your employees free to provide your customers and visitors with a positive, memorable brand experience. 

Cultivate an unforgettable experience with uniquely tailored fragrances that evoke powerful connections and inspire brand loyalty.

Scent marketing

Multi-sensory, experiential marketing allows you to create deep emotional brand connections that are often missing from traditional marketing channels. In a competitive environment, standing out from your competitors is not just an advantage; it is essential for success. Scent marketing draws on the power of smell to elicit positive responses, giving you an edge over others in your industry.

Scent marketing plays a powerful role in all elements of business, but ultimately can increase profits if utilized properly. Our uniquely scented environments reinforce brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty, helping brands to interact and emotionally engage with the modern consumer. 

Odor management

Some scents can overshadow even the most carefully curated indoor environments. Odors stemming from high-traffic areas, trash rooms, medical and healthcare spaces, or the environment can detract from your brand experience. Because first impressions can become lasting impressions, Ambius has developed a specialized Odor Management System to completely eliminate problematic odors – not just mask them with heavy perfumes.


Hotel scenting for a 360-degree brand experience

Ambius offers a comprehensive solution for enhancing the ambiance of hotels through scenting, targeting both front and back-of-house areas. Our range of solutions encompasses ambient and brand scenting, as well as odor management.

Our sense of smell is our most powerful sense. It is intricately linked to the perceptions and decisions made by customers, and when it comes to travel, your guests are looking for more. Take their hotel experience from two-dimensional to 360 degrees with ambient scenting.

Meet elevated hygiene concerns with clear communication that your space is clean and safe.

Bring your holiday designs to life with the smells of the season.

Scent catalog

Explore our collection of uniquely tailored fragrances from clean, reassuring citrus to calming, welcoming florals.