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Holiday scenting

Bring your holiday designs to life with the smells of the season. Ambient scenting can take your holiday décor to the next level.

Holiday décor transforms your interiors into a magical place. Create an atmosphere that truly enhances the ambience of your space into a winter wonderland. Harness the most powerful of the senses - smell. 

In a recent study, we found 80% of people say that familiar Christmas scents help put them in a festive mood.

The Premium Scenting difference

With Ambius, it’s simple. Our seasonal offering allows you to relax and enjoy hassle-free installation and consistent, lasting scent throughout the holidays. 

Easily add a new dimension to your decor during the holiday season that will set your apart. Unlike candles, plug-ins, and aerosols that only provide limited scent coverage, Ambius Premium Scenting uses patented micro-droplet technology to distribute scent evenly throughout your space. This technology utilizes droplets that are 1/50th the size of traditional aerosol sprays. Premium Scenting also allows you to adjust the strength of your chosen scent to the precise level that's right for your business. 

With Premium Scenting by Ambius, you'll be sure to inspire a little awe and wonder in your space this holiday season. Our perfectly balanced scents complement any holiday display—creating an inviting atmosphere that will ultimately:

  • Increase foot traffic
  • Increase dwell time
  • Increase consumer spending
  • Encourage positive evaluations

Our holiday scents

Do you want the invigorating smell of a Christmas Tree? Or the warmth of a Peppermint Latte? Our Christmas Tree and Peppermint Latte scents awaken the senses, creating an immersive holiday experience. Seasonal decorations and music are great for making your space look and sound inviting, but why not make your space come alive with seasonal scenting?

Christmas tree

A favorite for many, nothing evokes the holiday season like the invigorating smell of an authentic white pine and birch.

Peppermint Latte

Fun and warming, as cool peppermint is balanced with warm, frothy vanilla to create this comforting wintry aroma.


One scent can awaken a thousand memories. If you love the nostalgia of searching for the perfect Christmas tree or warming up with a peppermint latte after a day in the snow, you’ll love how our premium scents elevate the magic of the season and create unforgettable experiences. Call us today at 833-909-0321 to explore all that Ambius has to offer and start creating memories that are tied to your brand.

Further information and next steps

From the initial design consultation to the day of installation, learn about the Ambius holiday design process. 

Contact the experts at Ambius for any inquiries or to request a free quote.

Scent catalog

Explore our collection of uniquely tailored fragrances from clean, reassuring citrus to calming, welcoming florals.