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Commercial Christmas decorations

Ambius takes the stress out of the holiday season with our commercial Christmas decoration rental. When retail businesses provide a warm and friendly atmosphere with tastefully designed decorations, customers and employees are invigorated by the spirit of the season.

Ambius has been helping customers deck their halls for years with stunning and memorable displays. We discuss your needs so that your display complements your space, finding the right trees, lights, and holiday displays that range from subtle to elaborate. Do you have an idea for a Christmas display? Talk to one of our designers and we'll help make it a reality, setting your business apart from the rest.

Ambius Christmas decoration experts

At Ambius we offer our business clients:

  • Over 50 years of award-winning expertise
  • Stunning displays created by our talented designers
  • Hassle-free installation and removal
  • Storage and regular maintenance of your display
  • Purchase and short-term/long-term rental options
  • Reduced pricing with multiyear agreements
  • National programs

Ambius experts work side-by-side with you to not only create holiday displays that will work with your space but also your budget. We offer rental services that work with nearly every financial situation.

We know that you don't want business disrupted by our installation process, so we'll provide you with an installation at a time that’s convenient for you. We can also store your decorations once the holidays are finished and take down whatever displays we install. Our Christmas decorations rental services make it easy for you to turn your space into a holiday wonderland and then return to business as usual once the season is over.

Winter scenes rental

Winter scenes rental
Evoke the spirit of the season with a winter wonderland designed by Ambius.

Our winter scene rental services give you the opportunity to bring the holidays to life with minimal effort on your part. Already have a vision in mind? Ambius designers will work with you to make it a reality. Conversely, if you don't quite know what you want, our design specialists will design a winter scene that compliments your space perfectly. Part of the magic of the holiday season is the ambiance, and a winter scene can play a big part.

Our winter scene rental services allow you the opportunity to have an elaborate holiday display in your space without having to worry about storing decorations all year long. When a Christmas tree just isn't enough, let Ambius bring in a scene that your employees and customers will not forget. Bring the magic to your office or business with the help of Ambius.

Poinsettias for holiday displays

Ambius design experts often use poinsettias for the holiday displays we create for businesses. Their bright colors not only add variation to an otherwise dull workspace but enliven the space with holiday spirit. We can provide poinsettias for your lobby, receptionist desk, window sills and any other locations you wish to brighten up. The plants can also be the foundation of entire poinsettia-related design concepts that make a memorable impression on customers and clients such as:

The poinsettia Christmas tree is an innovative take on the traditional Christmas tree. Constructed from the classic holiday plant, the poinsettia Christmas tree adds color and spirit to its environment. These trees are the perfect addition to office lobbieshospitals, and hotels alike, drawing the eyes of all passersby.

At Ambius, we strive to create holiday displays that delight, and inspire. You want holiday decor that stands out from the rest. Ambius can create that for your space. We push the boundaries of classic holiday design by creating awe-inspiring pieces like the poinsettia wreath. Poinsettias add a pop of color to the classic holiday wreath.

Professional commercial Christmas decorating rental services

Whether it’s a simple display or expansive design project, the holiday professionals at Ambius will be there for you throughout the season. Ambius holiday design services include but are not limited to: 

  • Trees
  • Winter Scenes 
  • Poinsettias 
  • Exterior decor
  • Wreaths, garlands, swags and floral 

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