Green walls

Transform ordinary walls into dynamic, vibrant spaces.

Bring your space to life with a breathtaking living green wall. These vertical gardens are extraordinary architectural features that transform ordinary walls into powerful, visually-stunning spaces that inspire a connection with nature. Ambius green walls are customized to draw attention and gracefully harmonize with your indoor atmosphere. Our experts help you every step of the way to consider design concepts, maximize your budget, and ensure your green wall supports WELL, LEED, or FitWel and other efforts.

Our experts will work with you to define the right living green wall for your business, the needed lighting elements, and where replica plants can provide time-tested enhancements. Together with you, Ambius can create a focal-point green wall that lasts, elevating your brand image for years to come.

Because of their beauty and sustainability, green walls are a perfect way to bring life to:

  • Commercial buildings and offices 
  • Multi-family properties
  • Hotels
  • Educational facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Retail stores
  • And more!

To learn more about adding a green wall to your space, contact your local Ambius office today.

Green wall plant growth

To minimize the need for replacing plants, plants that thrive in many different environments are often selected for green walls because of their adaptability. Depending on the green wall being installed, plant pre-growth may be required. For some larger projects, the plants must be grown for months before installation. With freestanding systems, plants are installed on-site with no need for pre-growth.

Your Ambius experts will be there for you from pre-installation to on-going maintenance. Prior to installation, they'll recommend plant species based on environmental factors and the complexity of the design. After installation, they'll continually monitor the green wall system, making any needed adjustments to make sure plants continue to grow and thrive.

Green walls in biophilic design

Humans crave connection with nature. Yet, people spend a staggering amount of time in the built environment. Vertical gardens are signature architectural features that transform ordinary walls into dynamic, vibrant spaces. Without taking up valuable square footage, green walls provide a natural refuge that is an important factor in biophilic design and well-being.

With installations worldwide, we know how to bring your visions to life from initial design through ongoing maintenance. Our team is there with you every step of the way. 

Green wall FAQs

How much does a green wall cost?

Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to that question. The costs of a green wall differ from one project to the next due to a number of factors such as:

  • Wall size - How big of a green wall do you want?
  • Type of green wall system - Depending on the size of your project, some types may be more realistic than others.
  • Watering system - Whether the wall includes an automatic watering system or requires manual watering will have an effect on the price.
  • Number of green walls - Many of our customers elect to have multiple walls installed.
  • Degree and frequency of maintenance - The maintenance plan you choose may affect the cost.
  • Custom designs - Our Ambius designers can customize the types of plants to include designs and even corporate logos.

Other factors may be considered in pricing, but your designer can give you a comprehensive breakdown of any proposed project.

What plants are good for green walls?

Although green walls can be customized for each installation, there are plants that we use on a regular basis. The most common green wall plants used in all of our systems are:

  • Aglaonema - plants such as Green Lady, Silver Bay and more 
  • Epipremnum - also known as Pothos Philodendron (vining and non-vining varieties) 
  • Dracaena - such as Lemon Surprise, Dorado, Green Jewel and Jade Jewel 
  • Spathiphyllum - sometimes just called "spats" 
  • Syngonium - specifically Nephthytis in dwarf varieties 
  • Calathea 
  • Marantas 
  • Ferns 
  • Schefflera arboricola 
  • Ficus repens - sometimes referred to as creeping ficus 
  • Pilea 
  • Crotons

What does the green wall installation process look like?

We work with the mechanical, electrical and plumbing in your facility to figure out a strategy that will make your green wall look its best. Depending on the system being installed, the process will look something like this:

  1. Protect all floors and surfaces
  2. Install frames
  3. Install irrigation controller and hardscape
  4. Install pre-planted panels
  5. Install irrigation drip lines and sensors
  6. Test the irrigation system of the living wall construction
  7. Initiate plant maintenance

Can green walls be installed outdoors?

Green walls can definitely be installed outdoors, however, some climates are more suited for outdoor green walls than others. For example, a location with a warm climate would likely have little trouble with an outdoor green wall. Conversely, a location in a colder part of North America may be more limited in plant choice or not be able to sustain one at all. Talk to your Ambius expert about whether or not exterior green walls are an option for your facility.

Can green walls help with initiatives such as LEED, Fitwel, or WELL?

They certainly can! Green walls fit into each of the certification systems differently, but they can contribute to multiple categories in each. It is important to note that green walls are not sufficient on their own to achieve these certifications, but they can be a valuable part of a comprehensive design strategy.

Download our comprehensive green wall guide

Further information and next steps

Vertical gardens are a wonderful alternative to potted plants in the built environment.


Our experts address all of the living wall FAQs in this comprehensive guide.

Ambius is committed to doing its part to create a more sustainable world. Read about our sustainable solutions and operations.