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Exterior landscaping

Never underestimate the power of a first impression.

Extend your space and create an inviting atmosphere before people even step inside. Whether it’s a building entrance, patio, rooftop, or property grounds, vibrant exterior elements make a positive first impression — these might include hanging planters, stunning containers, and decorative shrubs or trees in containers, and seasonal blooming rotations. Ambius has the expertise to design and install award-winning landscapes that can’t be ignored.

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Exterior blooming rotations

Seasons change and when they do, so should your exterior blooming plants. Sound like a big undertaking? Ambius is here to help. Your local team of experts will visit your property seasonally to change out your blooming plants. We’ll take you from bright, eye-catching colors in the summertime to blooms that embody the spirit of the holiday season and everything in between. And even when it’s not time for a seasonal rotation, our specialists will continue to maintain and refresh your blooming display to keep it looking as beautiful as the day it was installed.

Make a visual statement for visitors and patrons before they even walk through your doors with exterior blooming rotations.  

Container design

A lot goes into container selection. Our expert designers first consider design factors such as form, texture, color, scale, and function of the containers themselves. Then, they incorporate your brand identity and style, available space, and the light and heat levels within the environment. Lastly, they rely on their expertise to help you select the best containers and plants for your outdoor space.

You can elevate your outdoor space even more by improving the beauty and health of your freshwater aquatic resources through our sister company, SOLitude Lake Management. With SOLitude’s sustainable solutions like beautiful shoreline plantings and adorning floating fountains, you can improve the aquatic ecosystem and aesthetics of your property’s lake or pond, creating yet another space for visitors or employees to enjoy.

Browse through the Ambius project design gallery to view stunning design projects ranging from interior landscaping to holiday decor.

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