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Christmas tree rentals

If you run a retail business, the last thing you want to worry about during the busy holiday months is putting up trees and other holiday decorations. That's why, for decades, businesses have turned to the Christmas tree rental experts at Ambius.

Don't waste time and resources this year. Rely on the professionals at Ambius to deliver holiday trees that illuminate your space with the good tidings of the season. The addition of a splendidly decorated holiday tree to your space will delight customers and colleagues alike.

Whether you just have room for one or your space requires a number of immaculately manicured and decorated trees, we’ve got you covered. We even create tree-shaped platforms that display various Christmas-themed flowers such as poinsettias and other popular holiday flowers. Our Ambius teams take pride in our holiday design excellence and spread the spirit of the holidays with every installation.

Why you should rent your Christmas tree

Setting up for the holiday season can be a lot of work. Hanging decorations and setting up displays are only part of the equation. Christmas trees are an essential element of every holiday display. But where are you going to store a Christmas tree during the rest of the year?

Ambius offers Christmas tree rentals to take the hassle out of the holidays. Renting a Christmas tree ensures the following:

  • Full tree installation and decoration by trained professionals
  • No maintenance or dropped needle clean-up
  • Safe storage of trees to avoid deterioration during non-holiday months
  • Scheduled tree removal at end of the holiday season

Christmas tree designs

Our expert commercial Christmas tree designers will provide you with the very best holiday designs. From whimsical candy-inspired trees to sparkling trees of silver and gold, our design possibilities stretch as far as your imagination. We also create beautiful poinsettia trees for numerous clients every year. Our design consultants will listen attentively to your ideas and help you plan the color scheme and theme of your display.

For smaller spaces, we offer trees (under 9 feet) that are wheeled into your space upon installation. For customers looking to make a grander impression, we offer commercial Christmas trees that are more than 20 feet tall.

Large-scale holiday & Christmas tree rentals

When bigger is better in wintertime weather, get Ambius on your team. We have decorated and installed large-scale holiday and Christmas trees for commercial businesses throughout North America including hotels, corporate headquarters, hospitals, shopping malls, law firms and more.

What’s better than a breathtaking outdoor holiday display that draws eyes from near and far? Your local Ambius team can install a commercial outdoor Christmas tree that becomes the focal point of the neighborhood. While we are the experts in interior landscapes, you can leave your outdoor landscape to us as well. Whether you want one 20-foot outdoor tree in the center of your property or 25 smaller trees spread throughout, Ambius can accommodate. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial outdoor Christmas tree offerings.

Holiday tree installation

With our no worry hassle-free installation and removal services, our award-winning design consultants and installers help alleviate the stress and anxiety of the season. Our experts will create, deliver and remove everything without any disturbance to you or your business. To guarantee your install date and peace of mind, we highly recommend reserving your installation date as early in the year as possible.

Christmas tree storage services

While Ambius will install, decorate, and remove your trees and displays at the end of the holidays, you want to be sure that your trees will be stored properly and won't get ruined before the next season. You also don't want to take up space in your business storing your tree and decorations. That's where Ambius can help. Let us take care of your storage concerns with our commercial Christmas tree storage service.

Contact Ambius for a FREE quote and to discuss how we can help enhance your business during the holidays and beyond.

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