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Odor management

First impressions go a long way. Do not allow unwelcome malodors to ruin what could otherwise be an extraordinary experience.

Anything from the musty smell of an aging building or pervasive garbage room odors to the scent of a heavily chlorinated spa or pool area can be off-putting to your clients and customers. Studies have shown that customers have a very real and visceral reaction to scent. The right smells can trigger positive emotions and memories, but the reverse is also true – malodors may cause customers and clients to form negative associations with your establishment, making them reluctant to return. Worse yet, they may tell others about their experience, leaving your brand reputation in jeopardy.

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Fortunately, Ambius offers leading scenting solutions that are subtle and effective ways to get rid of odors. Our technology uses micro-droplets that not only remove odors but eliminate them entirely. Don’t just try to mask foul odors using heavy chemicals and aerosol sprays. Neutralize the smell with odor remediation.

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Our scenting experts will work with you to find out what the source of the odor is and then come up with a customized solution for your business.

Our scenting machines combine the highest quality air treatment agents with our patented diffusion system to release micro-droplets into the air similar to a vapor. They do not leave wet marks or residue behind, but instead provide the areas affected by the foul odors with an effective and complete odor remediation solution.

Ambius odor remediation solutions

It's no secret that hygiene and safety are now top of mind. In order to regain trust and customer loyalty, you have to provide an atmosphere that reinforces the feeling of cleanliness and safety. No matter how clean it actually is, if your facility doesn't smell clean, people will not perceive it as such. Communicate your brand's commitment to cleanliness with odor remediation services from Ambius.

Ambius has the knowledge and expertise to help you improve any employee, customer or tenant experience while strengthening your business reputation. By creating a positive solution that eliminates malodors and is tailored to reflect your distinctive business objectives, we can guarantee your satisfaction every time.

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Use clean scents to reinforce your hygiene practices and reassure people that you are taking precautions to keep them safe.

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