The interaction between customers and retailers is a multi-sensory experience. The way we relate to our favorite stores is often influenced by all five of the senses. However, the subtle yet powerful sense of smell often goes undervalued by brands.

21st-century consumers demand an emotional and meaningful experience. Shoppers view their favorite stores as their “happy place.”

Retailers can harness the power of scent to improve their business in many ways – from evoking positive memories to increasing shopper “dwell time.”

Ambius is dedicated to helping businesses create unforgettable ambiances with our Premium Scenting service. Thus, we thought it would be helpful to list our top “10 Reasons Why You Should Scent Your Store”.

1. The power of scent is undervalued by your competition

We don’t have to tell you that the world of retail is incredibly competitive. Every advantage a retailer can have over its competition cannot be underestimated. Only 26% of companies have a well-developed strategy in place for improving the customer experience. Are you in the 26%?

Even if your store or stores have initiatives in place to improve the customer experience, you may not be already be thinking about how smell affects your customers. Think how a signature scent in-store can set you apart from the competition.

2. One scent can awaken a thousand memories

How often in your daily life do you encounter a smell that brings you back to cherished memories? Whether it’s the smell of fresh-baked cookies to your high school sweetheart’s cologne, scents stay with us through the years. A single smell can transport people back to happy times, evoking emotions and feelings in an instant.

Smell and memory have long been linked together.  A 2004 Noble Prize-winning study found an average human can recall 10,000 different smells. Creating a memorable experience in your store will help turn first-time visitors into loyal customers that return time and time again.


3. Scents uplift moods

Happy customer, happy life. It’s a simple concept but difficult to execute. Studies have shown that a scent can elevate someone’s mood by as much as 40%. If your customers walk into a shopping space that features a pleasurable scent, they will become relaxed and more comfortable with their surroundings. Different scents are known to elicit different responses from people so be sure to choose the right fragrance.

4.  Increased intent to purchase

A study by Nike found that scenting increased customers’ intent to purchase items by 80%. Smell is connected to the limbic system in the brain triggering emotional responses. Smell is more likely to inspire a consumer to make an impulse buy than other senses.

5. Willingness to spend more

A Washington State University study in 2012 found that shoppers in a scented shopping mall spent an average of 20% more. The study examined 400+ shoppers in Switzerland for more than two weeks. A group of 100 people who shopped in a scented space spent 20% more than the other test subjects.

Individual stores are not the only ones that can take advantage of scent marketing. Shopping malls should consider the olfactory experience they are presenting shoppers with as they move from store to store, visit the food court or the restrooms. For many businesses, managing foul odors is just part of doing business making it vital to invest in odor remediation services.


6. Customers will pay more for products

Research has shown that customers are willing to spend 10-15% more for the same product in a scented space than they would in a space that wasn’t scented. A calming, enjoyable fragrance calms people and lightens their mood which could inspire less concern over price. If a scent puts someone in a better mood, they will be more likely to view a product positively and therefore be willing to spend more to acquire said product.

7. Lavender slows time

Besides just smelling lovely in general, the smell of lavender has shown to slow the perception of time and encourage people to spend longer periods of time in a retail store. Lavender has long been known to produce a calming, relaxing feeling when inhaled and is even used to treat anxiety, headaches and insomnia.


8. Citrus and pine inspire dwell time

In the Washington State University study mentioned in #5, the researchers used citrus and pine scents to influence the shoppers to spend 20% more than people who shopped in unscented areas.

Pine and citrus scents are simple smells that the human brain can quickly process and focus on other things – like making purchases in a store.

9. Tap into emotions

It may surprise you to know that 75% of all the emotions we generate daily are generated by the smells we encounter. Humans are able to remember smells with such accuracy that we very easily become emotionally attached to them.

Think about the smell of hot dogs at a baseball game or evergreen trees around Christmas time. Stores can provide their customers with emotional experiences by introducing enjoyable scents into their interiors.

10. Boost product ratings

The Scent Marketing Institute has stated that the presence of scents can actually result in products being rated 25% higher than when the products are placed in unscented areas.

Product ratings can have a big impact on a business as ratings and reviews become more and more influential in today’s modern world. A correctly scented space can give your products the best chance to make a good impression on customers.

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