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Healthcare design services

Patients, families, and staff look for a pleasant, healing environment that reflects the highest-quality care and attention to detail of the services provided. At Ambius, we design, develop, and maintain landscapes that aid in the healing process and enhance the wellbeing of patients, visitors, and staff.

Carefully designed spaces can create favorable impressions. Our design experts can show you how making the most of your connection to nature can set you apart while supporting your facility’s unique performance needs to enhance your brand. Studies show that plants contribute to the healing process by speeding recovery and enhancing mental outlook.

When you’re designing a healing environment, you need a partner who understands the people you serve as well as the business you’re in. At Ambius, plantscape design and care is our business and people are our passion. Together, we will cultivate the healing environment that your patients deserve.

Foster health and well-being with biophilic design

Whether you’re a patient, an employee, or a visitor, healthcare facilities are high-stress environments for all. The stress-relieving properties of plants can be very effective in environments such as these. Plants, water features, natural colors, and other nods to nature utilized in hallways, waiting rooms, and even patient rooms can help put people’s minds at ease. But plants can do even more than bring peace to an anxiety-ridden space. Something as simple as a view of nature has shown to speed up patient recovery times. Even if every patient’s room doesn’t have a window that reveals a beautiful nature scene, utilizing biophilic design in the rooms can have a very similar effect.

Incorporating biophilic design can make a world of difference for healthcare workers, too. In such a taxing environment, it is easy for even the most resilient staff to become unhappy and inefficient if they’re not given the right tools. In healthcare, there is no room for faltering performance. Fostering that human-nature connection can improve job performance and ultimately job retention as well.

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Multi-site Services

With global best practices brought into everything we do, we have the depth of resources and the coverage to ensure consistent service—both long-term and for multiple locations—as well as the expertise to ensure you receive unmatched service. Our teams work with thousands of leading medical facilities throughout the country to design spaces that enhance the healing process and the well-being of all who come to the property.

The Ambius Difference

With more than 50 years of experience, Ambius is the expert in creating healing environments for the greatest ROI – Return on Interiors.  You will benefit from:

  • Reduced cost of patient care and staffing
  • Improved outcomes and decreased recovery time
  • Peace of mind with design experts, staff architects and horticulturists
  • Innovative solutions from award-winning designers
  • Hassle-free professional installation and maintenance services