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Kansas City office plants service

Welcome to Ambius Kansas City, offering you a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, add ambient scenting to your workplace or let us help with creating inspiring interior planscapes for your company. Ambius can handle your projects small or large. Contact us today for a free quote.  

Ask us about our commercial holiday décor and seasonal office plants!

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Kansas City commercial holiday decor

Are you worried about getting your space ready for the holidays? Ambius has the solution.

Our commercial holiday decor service options span from poinsettias to large holiday displays and can be tailored to any space. The holidays are a time for magic, not for stress. If you have a design in mind, our holiday experts will help you execute it. No idea where to start? Not to worry. You've come to the right place. Our extensive holiday catalog has everything you need to evoke the spirit of the season in your place of business. Contact us today to get started with our Kansas City holiday design experts.

About the Ambius Kansas City team

The Kansas City district encompasses the metro area, out to Salina, KS., St. Joseph and Springfield, Missouri. We provide specially equipped vehicles to our 12 Plant Specialist who go out everyday to take care of our customers. Our three installers know the city well and are experts in the fields of scenting to remove malodors or enhance a brand image. Our holiday designs are superior in our area, we only use LED lighting to reduce electrical usage and 'lights out' experiences for our clients. Our Holiday Design Center may be visited at anytime throughout the year, it is a delightful experience. Marcia Sauer is our expert holiday designer, be sure to ask for her when you come.

Indoor plant rental service in Kansas City

Imagine what having fresh, green, living office plants and floral arrangements around your office could do to make your workspace look brighter, more vibrant, more exciting and more interesting to look at. Employees enjoy having access to greenery and living plants and there have been demonstrated benefits to plants. Clients or customers enjoy living floral arrangements, too.

Reduce the expense and hassle of trying to take care of office plants around your business by contacting Ambius for plant rental service in Kansas City. Our plant rental services helps your office stand out by providing just the right touch of greenery, color and colorful containers to decorate your workspace, without all of the hassle of plant maintenance.

Call the Ambius Kansas City office and discuss what your plant rental options are.

Smell and memory

The right scent can affect your memory and the memories of customers and clients. Find out why that can benefit your Kansas City business.

Scent your space with Ambius Kansas City

Brand recognition is a top priority among businesses today. With this recognition comes an increase in sales, traffic, and brand loyalty. Scent can be instrumental in creating this familiarity within your customers.

The customers’ sense of smell is a missed opportunity for many brands. Ambius can help you to harness the power of scent, differentiating your brand from your competitors. The sense of smell is closely tied to human memories, and can act as a trigger for nearly 75% of all emotions, key drivers in buying behavior.

Whether your business is in retail, hospitality, healthcare, or another industry, scent marketing is a powerful way for your company to gain your customers loyalty. By combining traditional marketing strategies with Ambius' scent branding solutions, companies in Kansas City, MO can create a strong sensory branding program. Scenting can also increase productivity and reduce stress, making it a great option for workspaces as well.

Our Kansas City interior plant service offers a full range of Ambius office plants maintenance and servicing, including options to rent plants, ambient scenting, replica plants, and commercial holiday décor. See what the benefits of plants can do for your workplace!