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Biophilic design can be utilized to create a healthy space for employees, customers, and more. Biophilic design helps to support humanity’s innate need to connect with the natural environment. When you’re at the beach or in the mountains, you feel a sense of focus and calmness. By utilizing this design method, you can create this same feeling indoors.

Unsure of how to sort through all of the information (and misinformation) about indoor air quality? In this webinar, Daniel Maris, Ambius IAQ expert, provides you with an action plan to begin your journey to indoor air safety from start to finish.

6 Design Strategies to Maximize the Human Experience

Expectations for indoor spaces have changed dramatically since the pandemic. Therefore, enhancing your space with a nature-inspired refresh or a new biophilic design strategy could pay off BIG. In this webinar, members of Ambius’ Elite Design Team will discuss the latest trends in commercial design and 6 unique ways to implement them across your business.

Indoor Air Quality and Its Impact on Your Health

In this eye-opening webinar, we sit down with special guest Taz Bhatia, MD, integrative medicine and pediatrics expert to discuss the critical impacts of IAQ on mental, physical, and institutional health. Discover steps you can take right now to improve the air in your space and how to best identify the right solutions for your business.

Bringing clean air technology to your premises

Watch Ambius and leading clean air technology manufacturer Radic8 discuss the current state of indoor air quality, how IAQ impacts businesses, and clean air solutions in this on-demand webinar.


Don’t miss this exciting new webinar that uncovers 7 strategies to create smarter, healthier work spaces for your consumers and employees. Our top global design and innovation experts will give you the key health, hygiene, and safety elements that people are now looking for, along with practical actions you can execute to build trust and inspire confidence in your business.

With the onset of the pandemic, businesses have new health and hygiene rules to follow. Increasingly, evidence shows that coronavirus spreads through the air, leading to new challenges. Hear from global experts about Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), mitigation strategies, and how you can stay ahead of workplace and customer experience.

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Use clean scents to reinforce your hygiene practices and reassure people that you are taking precautions to keep them safe.

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