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Service options

All spaces are not created equally, so here at Ambius, we believe that our service options shouldn't be either. We know that there are many factors that go into an interior landscape design that meets your business goals. From time and budget to space and lighting, there is much to consider. For that reason, we have an array of service options to help us create the perfect program for your needs.

Explore our service options below.

Plant rental options

Long-term rental 

Our long-term rental option allows you to rent from Ambius for an extended period of time. As a part of our service promise, our long-term rental program includes regular maintenance by our plant care specialists. By putting the beauty of your indoor landscape in the hands of our specialists, you can devote your time and energy to all of the other things you have to worry about. With low up-front costs and a structure that strives to keep you worry-free, our rental programs provide a great solution to any interior landscaping need that you might have.

When you take a group of expert designers matched with engaged specialists trained to the highest standards in the industry and give them high quality, innovative products, local branch support, and a world class customer management program, you get the Ambius advantage.

Short-term rental

We offer short-term rental options for special events such as conferences and conventions. This option allows you the flexibility to rent Ambius for a limited amount of time. Our award-winning designers, known for their creative installations, will be sure to make your next event a memorable one.

Short-term rental varies by market. Please contact us to discuss availability near you.

Plant purchase options

Purchase directly with maintenance

Buying direct with maintenance provides all of the ease of a rental in addition to ownership of the product. For those customers who prefer to own their own plants and containers, our plant care specialists will treat the plants as if they were their own, making regular service visits to keep the plants looking beautiful all year round.

Purchase directly without maintenance

We also offer the option to purchase from us without the maintenance component. Though we enjoy making regular visits to your space to take care of your plants, we understand that you may not require our maintenance services. In the interest of keeping things as simple as possible for you, you may want to consider one of our maintenance programs. Leave the worrying to us and have an Ambius plant care specialist look after your interior landscape for you.

Choosing a program

Keeping your priorities in mind, you can select the best program for your needs using the table below.

Condition Rental & maintenance program Purchase & maintenance program
Initial Investment Low High
Administration and maintenance Low Low
Convenience Very convenient Convenient
Financial Inexpensive Moderate


Labor only plant care options

Short-term labor program

Short-term “labor only” programs are available in special situations. As the experts in interior landscapes, we often have customers come to us with one-time requests for the benefit of plant health. Perhaps the design of your space is changing and your plants need to be re-planted. In this case, on-going maintenance is not required, but an Ambius team of experts will come in to perform the needed tasks.

Additionally, programs such as these may be of interest to you in the event that you have your own holiday decor, but wish to have our holiday decor experts come in to prepare your space for the season. Our design specialists can assist with preparation, decoration, and takedown.

Long-term labor program

In the event that you purchased plants from another supplier, we are happy to implement a maintenance-only program in which our plant care specialists come to your space to care for plants that you already have in place. Just because you didn’t purchase the plants from us does not mean that we will not care for them. No matter the situation, we are passionate about providing world-class service with an attention to detail that delivers great results.

Why use Ambius’ professional maintenance service?

  • High quality and consistency of style throughout, building your brand message
  • Plants live longer and reduce overall spend
  • Soils reach highest regulatory standards
  • Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) – our staff are trained on all aspects of SHE – they know how to water plants safely, how to replace plants and how to work safely around your employees and visitors
  • Plants replaced free of charge at the end of their life cycle

Solutions for all of your interior landscaping needs

No matter what your interior landscaping needs may be, Ambius has the solution. From blooming and floral design to green walls and holiday decor, we are here to create a program that works best for your space.

Not sure which service program would be best for your situation? Contact us to discuss your options further with a design specialist. 

Further information and next steps

Ambius is the premier creator of ambiance for businesses. We are committed to enriching the work experience.

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