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Welcome to the Ambius Knoxville indoor plant experts

We are Ambius Knoxville and the things we can do with living floral in your work space, office, retail outlet, or hotel will amaze you. It's not bragging, it's what our interior landscaping experts specialize in. If you haven't found out about the benefits of plants in your office, then you could be missing out. First, indoor plants and office plants just make your space look better. Second, plants provide benefits to employees and add something special to clients and customers, too.

First, just call on one of our interior landscaping experts. We'll talk to you about office plant services, indoor plants, scenting, holiday decor, and more. We'll make that building a place people want to work, visit and utilize.

Second, enjoy the living floral, rental plants, artwork, ambient scenting or holiday decorations installed and maintained by professionals.

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Office plant services in Knoxville

There are office buildings, hotels and retail outlets all across the Knoxville metropolitan area. Having indoor plants in those via atriums, green walls or decorative planters and other methods make those spaces more inviting for customers and clients and more pleasant for employees. This is true all year long and Ambius interior landscaping experts can help. We'll find the right solution for your space and help you maintain it.

Our office plant services will find the right indoor plants that not only look great, but work with the light you have in your space. We take into account the maintenance, watering, low light or high light needs of the plants we put into your space.

The Knoxville holiday decor specialists

All year long we're thinking about the holidays in Knoxville. We do that so that when you need holiday decorations in your lobby, throughout the building, or anywhere on your property it can get installed right and installed fast. Our holiday designers find the right ornaments, holiday displays and trees for your space. We'll create a warm and inviting place that will make people feel right at home during the holidays.

Plant rental in Knoxville, TN

Businesses in Knoxville take pride in their offices and workspace. An office with just gray or white walls, carpeting and ceilings is a drab place. Employees don’t want to see the same colors and nothing about a plain backdrop makes your business stand out to clients or customers. This is why the Ambius plant rental service in Knoxville is such a potential benefit for your business.

Customers will spend more time and have a better experience in a place outfitted with greenery. Employees will appreciate the noise reduction, pleasant scenery and cleaner air that comes from having indoor plants present. Plus, the Ambius plant rental services can help reduce the cost of trying to do all of the interior landscaping yourself.

Contact the Knoxville Ambius office today and ask about our plant rental service for your business.

Call on Ambius Knoxville for your indoor plant needs

We have experts on staff in order to provide you with comprehensive help in finding the right indoor plants and office plants. You can also talk to us about our premium ambient scenting, holiday decorating and art. We can also talk to you about our vertical garden solutions such as green walls, LivePanel(TM) and LivePicture(TM). Start by calling us or filling in our online form today