Indoor plants

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Office plant design ideas

Need office design ideas? As the saying goes, a picture tells a thousand words and we certainly believe that. Watch as the dull office spaces below are instantly enhanced by the addition of plant life. These before and after interior design pictures and office photos illustrate the effect plants can have when skillfully incorporated into the indoors.

In addition to enhancing the image of a building, plants improve air quality and reduce noise levels. Tests have shown that plants can even improve productivity and reduce symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome. After surveying your space, our plant design professionals will partner with you to select plants and containers that compliment your unique business environment.

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Indoor plants to beautify your built environment

What do indoor plants mean to you? Plants go far beyond simple aesthetics. Our designers and landscapers create entire indoor environments that stimulate the senses. In doing so, we make your people and your customers feel great.

From receptions to containerized office plants to lavish atrium planting displays, Ambius indoor plant services give you a positive, welcoming environment that offers a lasting impression. With live foliage and greenery, we brighten dark building corners, bring color and life to empty walls, and provide your employees with new sights, and fresh smells.

Wherever you are, Ambius designs, installs, and services a wide range of indoor plants, office plants, interior landscaping, and a complete interior plant service to businesses of all types and sizes. With a network of offices across the USA and Canada, Ambius is the only interior landscaping company to provide a full national service, including a one source solution for national and global accounts when your business has multiple locations.


We pride ourself on having the highest level of design and service paired expertly with skillfully chosen quality plants and containers. Enjoy beautiful flowering plants all year round thanks to our rotation program. For those environments that are not conducive to live plants, a replica or preserved landscape design can create stunning spaces that you want to look at regardless of the conditions. Our design consultants work closely with you to create stunning landscapes because they specialize in selecting indoor plants, containers, and accessories to fit the business needs, space, lighting, and ambience of your environment.

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