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Multi-family property design services

Create an extraordinary resident experience

Transform your property into a desirable tenant destination with Ambius services. Delivering consistently high standards and creating a point of differentiation is key in today’s marketplace. Ambius design experts can  help Property Managers create a differentiated and enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for attracting and retaining tenants.

By implementing effective interior landscaping and scenting programs you can create a better overall patron experience. By combining the highest quality solutions with our consultative approach, you can stand out with an interior design that engages all of the senses.

By harnessing the power of scent and plants you can create a welcoming atmosphere that inspires brand loyalty and offers your residents a memorable connection with your community.

Biophilic design: Creating a place to call home

Multi-family property tenants can easily feel disconnected from nature. Aside from common outdoor areas, there are no yards or gardens in close proximity. This is especially true for multifamily facilities in heavily urban areas. In amongst a sea of skyrises, these buildings may be void of green space altogether. By incorporating plants, natural lighting, reclaimed materials, and other biophilic design elements, you can facilitate the nature connection your residents crave.

Another factor to take into consideration for multifamily properties is noise pollution. With so many people living in one space, a certain noise level is inevitable. Luckily there are a number of ways that biophilic design can help. Green walls are great for sound absorption, and they add a beautiful focal point for any common area. Water features are both a visual and auditory tool — providing the calming sound of bubbling water in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

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The Ambius difference

We understand how difficult it can be to attract occupants and deliver a positive and quality living experience time after time. We have the experience and the understanding to tailor each solution to your individual circumstance to maximize profitability and improve the tenant experience.

Ambius delivers design-led functional interiors that enhance brand image, and have an impact on tenants and visitors to help drive brand loyalty and spend.