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Design services for fitness centers

According to IHRSA, more than 1 in 5 Americans belong to at least one health club or studio, and that number is expected to grow exponentially within the next few years. In a crowded field, how do you set your fitness center apart from the competition and win customer loyalty? We can help.

Ambius is an expert at people-centric design. We work with you to create spaces that enhance mental and physical health and well-being – because we know your employees and customers are the heart of your business. People come to your facility to improve their health and well-being; make sure that you are giving them an environment that represents those same principles. 

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Services for the fitness industry

Green walls are a great way to draw attention and demonstrate vitality. They also provide a great backdrop for fitness aficionado photos.

Ambius designs, installs, and services a wide array of attractive green plants, containers, and vibrant landscaping displays to suit any design need.

By nature, fitness centers are prone to some undesirable smells. Our Odor Management systems don’t just mask them with heavy perfumes — they completely eliminate them.

Health and wellness are at the forefront in fitness centers. Exceed health and safety expectations with air purification. 

Benefits of scent marketing in fitness centers and gyms

Scent marketing is a powerful marketing strategy because it connects with individuals on a personal and psychological level. Some of the benefits of scent marketing in fitness centers and gyms include:

  • Scent marketing can help combat the odors commonly found in gyms like sweat and old gym shoes.
  • Scent can help create a more welcoming environment to new visitors, meaning more membership sign ups and more sales.
  • The right scent can motivate and relax gym members while they work out.

Ambius is a certified specifier, designer, installer, and service provider for several types of living green walls. 


Our National Accounts team provides a centralized resource  for businesses with multiple locations in North America.

Ambius designs, installs, and services a wide array of green plants and vibrant landscaping displays to suit any need.