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Silversaw Apartments live and replica plant installation in Lakeland, FL

We meticulously installed nearly 120 lush, verdant plants, encompassing both vibrant living botanical wonders and impeccably crafted, hyper-realistic replica plants. Among these, an opulent abundance of towering, majestic palm trees took center stage, imbuing the space with an exquisite ambiance. 

Our client, Silversaw Apartments, wanted to replicate the interior aesthetics of a prestigious, upscale luxury hotel. This was accomplished by providing an extensive and eclectic selection of tropical flora, predominantly characterized by majestic, oversized palm specimens, intermingled with a select few other captivating botanical varieties. Plants were used strategically throughout the space to create cozy and intimate gathering spaces. In addition to providing privacy, the inclusion of plants in each area enhanced the overall atmosphere of the space, creating a captivating ambiance. Every area was designed to feel warm and inviting. 

Each space was outlined with a variety of different plants to create separation and give the illusion of privacy. By grouping the plants around gathering areas and columns, we were able to optimize the small area that was needed for the residents to move freely around the rooms. The end result is nothing short of the exacting, immersive experience that our client desired.

Project details

  • Client - Silversaw Apartments
  • Sector - Multifamily
  • Location - Lakeland, FL
  • Project Lead - Alexis Scarfogliero
  • Project Team - Ambius North Florida
  • District Name - Ambius Tampa
  • Service - Interior landscaping
  • Award Category - Design
  • Award Level - Gold


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