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Smarter, healthier senior living facilities

While senior living facilities perform an invaluable role in society today, their role is anything but easy. The majority of facilities work hard to provide a home away from home where residents feel comfortable and valued. However, it can be challenging to meet the expectations of residents and their loving families. With a focus on care and comfort, many overlook how their accommodations make people feel. While emotion is less tangible and more difficult to control, Ambius experts can help shape and demonstrably improve the experience the facilities provide.

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Services for the senior living industry

Living green walls make a breathtaking statement by creating alluring and inviting environments. They are as equally impressive in appearance as they are purveyors of good health.

Ambius designs, installs, and services a wide array of attractive green plants, containers, and vibrant landscaping displays to suit any design need.

Brighten any area or add intriguing conversation pieces with custom-crafted, stunning floral arrangements. Traditional, modern, or anywhere in between, floral design will add beautiful, vivid pops of the natural world to your space.

Due to the number of residents present in senior living facilities, there is a range of contaminants in the air at any given time — viruses, bacteria, allergens, and more can put them at risk. Exceed health and safety expectations with air purification.

Ambient scenting & odor remediation in senior living facilities


For residents

A well-scented environment can help to win over prospective residents and families. In fact, ambient scent has been found to increase positive evaluations by 25%. Malodors often have the opposite effect. Strong, displeasing scents can give the impression that a facility is unclean or not well cared for.

Scent can also have a beneficial impact on those who already reside at your facility. Introducing scent can elevate resident experience by providing a more pleasant environment that promotes relaxation. It has even shown to improve quality of life.

For visitors and families

According to Care.com, 54.7% of people feel that they do not spend enough time visiting their loved ones in a senior care facility. Of those people, 17.2% attribute it to feeling uncomfortable in the facility. From the smell to the inherent difficulty of seeing elderly people nearing the end of life, people have many excuses as to why they do not visit senior care facilities as much as they “intend to.” When your facility becomes a place at which residents feel happy and at home, it becomes evident to their visitors and they become more comfortable in the environment as well. 

For employees

The care home industry is accompanied by a unique set of challenges and consequently has an unusually high turnover rate. With 26% of care home staff leaving within a year, it is important to foster a positive working environment, and scenting can help do just that. While scenting exists functionally to replace one smell with another, experiential or ambient scenting uses a pleasant background fragrance to enhance mood or well-being, and even decrease stress.

Ambius is a certified specifier, designer, installer, and service provider for several types of living green walls. 


Scenting can play a powerful role in enhancing the well-being of residents in senior living homes.

Ambius designs, installs, and services a wide array of green plants and vibrant landscaping displays to suit any need.