Airports and air travel can be stressful due to delayed or canceled flights, missing luggage or long layovers. One component that enhances the passenger experience is airport design. Interior airport design can help counteract these situations and create a pleasant experience for passengers, employees and as a result, drive sales for retailers in airports.

Airport aesthetics can leave a lasting impression on passengers, even if they are only staying for a short amount of time. A component of airport aesthetics, interior plant design, can boost passenger’s moods and as a result, increase retail spending.

A 2010 North America Airport satisfaction study by J.D. Power and Associates concluded, “When passengers reported high levels of satisfaction with an airport, they tended to increase their retail spending.”

Indoor plant services such as live plants, replica plants, green walls and large interior landscaping design are tools interior plant designers can use to help airports create a relaxed, positive experience for passengers while traveling.

Vancouver International Airport Plant Design

A great example of interior airport design projects enhancing the passenger experience is the Vancouver International Airport (YVR) designed by Ambius designer, JOanne Craft. Working closely with Vancouver International Airport in-house architect, Nancy Stern, Craft created the feel of nature indoors with her design theme, Interior Area of B.C.


Sharing her thoughts behind the concept, Stern notes, “All of the architecture at the Vancouver International Airport looks to celebrate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of British Columbia, with each area of the Airport reflecting a specific geographic region.”


Craft shared her thoughts on the effectiveness of plants by saying, “The American Biologist, Edward O Wilson, developed theories on Biophilia, which he defined as, ‘the innate affiliation people seek with other organisms and especially the natural world.’  Wilson found that, when given a choice, people gravitate towards environments that incorporate features found in natural environments. That’s why I believe having plants within airports help people feel comfortable and relaxed.”

Ambius is proud to share a service partnership with the Vancouver International Airport. In 2016, the Vancouver International Airport won Airport of the Year and Best Airport in North America for the seventh year in a row! The CAPA Centre for Aviation (CAPAC) also awarded the Vancouver International Airport with the title of 2016’s Best Airport in the World!

Take a look to learn more about this design project and other Ambius projects.