In the realm of interior landscaping, few elements bring the tranquility of nature into indoor spaces quite like moss walls. These captivating installations not only infuse spaces with vibrant greenery but also offer a myriad of benefits. Our moss is preserved for design use and can be paired with various textures, frames, preserved plants, and other green wall systems to create a visually pleasing work of art.

moss wall assembly

What does a moss wall do to a space?

Moss walls offer a range of benefits, from aesthetic enhancement to improved air quality, making them a versatile and attractive addition to many indoor environments. Some of these benefits include: 

  • Improved air quality: Moss can absorb and filter pollutants from the air. Incorporating a moss wall into your space can enhance air quality, leading to a healthier indoor environment.
  • Sound absorption: Moss walls can help absorb sound and reduce noise levels in busy indoor settings, which can improve a space's overall comfort and functionality.
  • Moisture level stabilization: Moss walls regulate moisture levels by absorbing excess humidity in high-moisture environments and releasing moisture into the air when humidity is low.
  • Reduced energy costs: Moss walls contribute to reduced energy costs by providing insulation in colder months and cooling through evapotranspiration in warmer months.
  • Biophilic design: Moss walls contribute to biophilic design principles, which emphasize incorporating elements of nature into indoor spaces to promote well-being.  

Aesthetically, moss walls add a natural and visually appealing element to indoor environments. They can create a calming and soothing atmosphere, making spaces more inviting and pleasant. From accent pieces to focal points, moss walls can be tailored to complement any space. 

moss wall

The moss we use is preserved moss, not live moss. Using preserved moss, we can maintain your moss wall art’s vibrant colors and textures without constant maintenance. Our designers can determine which type of moss is best for your design and vision.

Moss wall color options

A vibrant spectrum of colors can be incorporated with your moss wall art. Customize your installation with hues that match your brand colors, logo, and more. With a variety of moss species offering a diverse palette, the possibilities are endless!

moss wall logo design

Reindeer moss offers the largest selection of colors. This type of moss grows in Scandinavian regions and is harvested by hand. This soft moss species comes in many colors, including:

  • Spring green
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Pink
  • Lemon
  • Mango 

Flat moss comes in a variety of textures, types, and colors. This moss species is available in beautiful shades of green, including:

  • Nature green
  • Spring green
  • Moss green

Pillow moss offers a luxurious touch to any moss installation. Two types are available: natural pillow moss and perfect pillow moss. They are available in various colors, including:

  • Forest green
  • Light green
  • Olive green
  • Nature green

Why choose a moss wall for your space?

If you think the interior of your office, hotel, or retail space could use a change, a moss wall may be the solution for you. A moss wall isn't just a decorative element; it's a living work of art that brings the rejuvenating power of nature indoors. Imagine stepping into a room enveloped by lush, verdant greenery, where the air is fresh and invigorating. Experience the transformative power of nature firsthand with a moss wall and create a space that inspires, rejuvenates, and captivates all who enter.

Our industry-leading designers will discuss the vision you have for your space and explore how we can help bring that vision to life. Contact your local Ambius office to get started!