The weather is hot and the pools are busy — it must be summer. You are more likely planning for summer vacations and barbeques than thinking about winter. Independence Day has come and gone, and now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the season.

However, since Ambius is the expert in providing commercial properties with dazzling and eye-catching holiday displays, we’re here to tell you that now is actually the perfect time to be thinking about Christmas, Hannukah, and Kwanza. Yes, you read that correctly. If you own a business or manage a building, you should already be planning for the most wonderful time of the year! It’s not too early to contact Ambius and discuss your holiday display plans for November and December so that when the time comes, you can be ready. When the season rolls around, you’ll have holiday decorations that stop people in their tracks — making them want to linger a little longer.

Why do you need holiday displays?

Like most things, experts have done studies of shoppers and customers during the holiday season. Whether it was an office building, retail space, hotel, financial institution or other public building, it has been demonstrated that both employees and clients/customers prefer an area that has decorated for the holidays. Why does this happen?

By installing just the right display, one that plays on the senses of those inside the building, your business can tap into customers’ powerful nostalgic holiday feelings they had when they were younger. It creates a warm and homey feeling that causes customers to want to spend more time shopping, if it’s a retail location, or simply put them in a good mood if it’s some other type of business. This extends from guests who are just staying in the building for a short amount of time to employees that work there for eight or more hours a day.

Benefits of having an effective holiday decoration plan and displays include:

  • Helps increase sales during the important holiday shopping season for retail outlets
  • Improves the mood of employees 
  • Puts customers in a better frame of mind

Holiday décor takes time

So, why would you need to start making plans for holiday decorating today, in the middle of the dog days of summer? At Ambius, our holiday design experts don’t just show up there on Thanksgiving and throw a few trees and some garland up. We want to ensure that your holiday display is catered specifically to the needs of your space and the people that inhabit it. Our Technicians take the time to work with you to bring your holiday vision to life.

This all means we have to discuss your plans for the holidays. We can look at what you’ve done in the past and review your office space. We will discuss what you want to achieve with your holiday decorations (increasing customer retention? Increasing sales?) and then we will work with our decorating team to build trees, create wreaths and find the right decorations to create a display that will get people talking.

Preferred installation times fill up fast!

This process takes time and it takes planning. A lot also depends on when you want the display installed. A lot of clients want that display up on Thanksgiving night so it’s ready for the shopping season, but that time gets booked fast. When it comes to scheduling, the sooner the better to get that display up on time.

It’s more than just Christmas trees

We can create Christmas trees that will dazzle the people who see them. In fact, we have people who spend the entire year just putting together Christmas trees so that they are ready to go when the holidays come. However, it takes more than trees to make a dazzling holiday display.

If you want to create a full Winter Wonderland or something a little more subtle, our designers can plan that for you, too. We create a custom display that works within your space and impresses the people who see it, but doesn’t get in the way of operations.

We can even help create the right scent for your display with our Premium Scenting service. Scents from baking cookies to cinnamon to other smells will transport people right back home for the holidays. We take the entire process and the entire experience into consideration to design and build an effective holiday display for your space.

Call in the experts

So, while you are making your summer holiday and cookout plans, it’s also a great time to think ahead about the winter holidays. If you manage a building, retail space or some other space that usually has a Christmas or holiday display, let’s get planning. While you enjoy the warm summer weather, our designers will get to work creating plans for a holiday display that will dazzle and impress when the time arrives.

Contact Ambius and talk to one of our holiday designers today and start the planning and discussion today.