On February 14th, romance is personified around the world a million times over in the form of hand-delivered floral bouquets. The rose has long been the symbol of Valentine’s Day. However, the gift of a dozen red roses can sometimes lose its luster if repeated year after year.

A rose symbolizes romance and in some instances, you may want to send a friend or family members flowers on Valentine’s Day. For those interested in forgoing the cliche of roses this Valentine’s Day, we’ve offered up 5 floral alternatives.



The lily plant family consists of thousands of unique and beautiful species. Depending on the species, a bouquet of lilies can symbolize many things. For example, Lily of the Valley is a symbol of sweetness while an orange lily is a symbol of passion. Stargazer lilies are commonly used in bouquets for their dramatic shape and color. Humanity has been fascinated with lilies for millennia. Ancient cave drawings depicting radiant lilies have been found in Crete dating back to 1580 B.C.



What flower could be a better symbol of Valentine’s Day than a heart-shaped flower? Many species of the Anthurium genus resemble the shape of a heart. Native to Mexico and South America, the tropical plant is a symbol of hospitality and is sometimes referred to as “Painted Tongue.” With proper care, Anthurium can last in a vase for up to three weeks.



The orchid family never ceases to delight the naked eye or fascinate the human mind. Orchids come in all shapes, sizes, and are famous for their brilliant colors. In line with the theme of Valentine’s Day, orchids were often used in love potions in the olden days. Orchids are commonly associated with luxury, beauty, and elegance. Botanists discover new orchid species every year.



Chrysanthemums (more commonly referred to as mums) have long held a special place in the hearts of flower lovers for their daisy-like blooms and vibrant color. The official flower of Chicago, mums are perfect for injecting a splash of color into a room. Folklore says placing the petal of mum in a wine glass brings long life and prosperity.



If you are seeking to send your Valentine a beautiful bouquet of vivid flowers – tulips are always a wonderful option. While most often associated with the Netherlands, tulips are native to Persia and said to symbolize pleasant thoughts. The black center of a tulip has long been likened to the heart of a lover, blackened by the throes of romance. Tulips are also a common gift for couples celebrating their 11th wedding anniversary.