If you’re a busy person who has ever tried to take care of plants, you know it makes a big difference when a plant is low-maintenance and does not require constant monitoring. As interior landscaping brings a number of benefits, it’s always nice to find plants that do not present too many demands and are also pleasing to the eye. The spider plant meets both of those criteria and could give your property an extra visual boost.

Interested in adding a spider plant to your space? Get all the details on spider plants with our infographic “The Ins and Out of Spider Plant Care”. These tips are bound to keep your spider plant thriving.


What does a spider plant look like?

You’ve probably seen a spider plant at some point, perhaps in a hanging basket. It has thin leaves, and the baby spider plants that are connected to the main plant are one distinguishing feature. Originally from Africa, the spider plant known scientifically as Chlorophytum comosum could add flare to your interior landscape. It offers a bit of a retro look and is not difficult to maintain, can handle neglect, and is easy to propagate.

Spider plant watering

One interesting characteristic of spider plants is their thick roots, which store water. That means if you go on vacation and forget to have your plant watered, don’t fret too much. It’s one reason why this species is a smart choice. Also, avoid water that contains fluoride (more on that below).

Spider plant light

If you want a healthy spider plant, remember that it should not go in a dark room – it needs windows or bright light.

Also called the airplane plant, this plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors but it will perform better under conditions that more closely mirror the native environment.

Thanks to Matt Kostelnick, Senior Horticulturist at Ambius, and Kenneth Freeman, Head of Innovation for Ambius, who helped in the creation of this infographic. Thinking this plant sounds like a good fit for you? Ambius can incorporate spider plants into design applications such as living green walls and hanging baskets. We’d love to discuss the options for your premises. Contact us today or call 888-701-5189 to learn about how we can integrate these plants into your space!